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Control Is Getting A New Photo Mode With Post Launch Content Coming Later This Year

Control has been one of the best looking games in 2019, it perfectly blends in the horror element with a supernatural vibe and with ray tracing available for the PC, Control looks even better. One thing that was always disappointing was the fact that there was not photo mode to click in your best moments, well now the developers have made it happen.

Starting today, players can get access to photo mode in Control and take pictures of whatever they please in the game. With Control being this aesthetically pleasing, having a photo mode is a no brainer. Players can also make use of the manual functions of the camera, giving them more control.


Things like aperture, the field of view and focus distance are added to the photo mode in Control and to anyone who wishes to make use of this feature will have to download the latest update.

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In addition to the manual camera, players also get 10 new filters that you can apply to the picture that you have just taken before you save the picture. To get into Photo Mode, players will have to hit the pause menu and then enter “Photo Mode”.


In Addition to this, Expeditions are coming soon. This new game mode will have specific challenges for players to complete and you will only have a certain amount of time.

The new DLC will be completely free but the release date hasn’t yet been released, we’re expecting this DLC to come later this year which means that players who own Control will get it before 2020 dawns upon us.

Control is developed by Remedy Entertainment and is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.