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Control With Ray Tracing By Nvidia Looks Stunning In New Trailer

Control is an upcoming Sci-Fi title which looks along the lines of Alan Wake and Quantum Break in the sense that visually it looks stunning, to say the least. Another thing that has been talked highly of is ray tracing technology.

Control will have Nvidia’s ray tracing technology which enhances the lighting and composition of the game without the user needing to shell out for a better monitor.


Next-generation consoles like PS5 and the Xbox Project Scarlett both have confirmed that they will have ray tracing technology and now Nvidia has released a trailer for Control with the ray tracing on.

You can immediately see the difference between the lighting conditions, as ray tracing helps push the boundaries to bring the game as close to life-like scenarios as possible.

The shadows seem to be in place and not blown out as it is the case sometimes and there is more focus over the overall contrast of the footage. The tone of the video also is aesthetically improved and it draws you in.


You can check out the trailer for yourself and see the difference as it is clearly visible and impossible to miss.

Let us know what are your thoughts about ray tracing and how it will benefit gaming in the future.