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Control Will Not Support HDR On Consoles And Will Lock FPS at 30

As vivid and hallucinating Control might see, Control’s console version will not support HDR gaming and will be locked at 30 fps. This will certainly annoy plenty of fans who like to push the gaming experience and like the enhanced look.

There will be a massive difference when you compare the console variant with the one releasing for PC.


On the other hand, though, Control for PC will have Ray Tracing enabled with RTX on, which gives a more realistic look to the game and really brings out the shadows and lights to life.

As per the initial scenes which we’ve seen prior to launch it doesn’t feel that the game or even the image quality is hampered because of the lack of HDR capabilities but it opens up the thought as to how much better the game could’ve been if Remedy had found a way to implement it on consoles.

There aren’t any reasons given as to why HDR was not implemented on Control, with a game such high visual imagery it could have been a perfect combination to have it in Control


Lucas Liascos, a developer at Remedy confirmed this on his twitter page.


Control developed by Remedy Games is scheduled to launch on the 27th of August for PC, Xbox One and PS4.