Control Gameplay Video – Watch The First 13 Minutes By IGN

A New World Awaits

Control is releasing on August 27, 2019 a brand new title by Remedy Entertainment that takes place in a  mysterious office of Control. This 3rd-person action adventure game brings challenges where you will be using a combination of supernatural abilities, modified load-outs, and reactive environments to fight against the threats of an unpredictable world. You can watch the first 13 minutes of exclusive coverage by IGN that put us in the shoes of Jesse Faden, she visits the Federal Bureau of Control to find her Brother Dylan, who is kidnapped by the bureau after a supernatural event in the city.  Jesse has to face the Hiss, a hostile force who controls the FBC agent and corrupts everything in the building.

Selected by the mysterious service weapon a supernatural object of power that determines by the Bureau’s leadership, Jesse is put on the task to take down The Hiss and restoring the order of the old house. The story sounds interesting and the first 13 minutes is not enough but to get a complete overview of the gameplay but it long enough to shows us the world of Control. With a single weapon and some skills, Jesse will be heading to fight the dark force.

Source: IGN