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Control File Size Revealed For Xbox One Console

Control is an action-packed game which will take you to the depths of the supernatural human beings as you follow the story of Jesse Faden the new director of Federal Bureau of Control and now the file size of the game on Xbox One console has been revealed.

To many people’s surprises, the game is only about 34.77 GB which tells that the game certainly will not be as big as ones we have seen in recent past. This though tells that the game will be concise and probably will not take much time to complete.


In Control you have to investigate the paranormal activities in New York and have to clean up a mess caused by an unexpected incident. The game will take you to the depths of the Bureau and will hopefully explain why you were chosen for this particular job.

The post-launch content has yet to be confirmed by Remedy, the studio behind Control, while it is expected we still aren’t sure what will follow for Jesse Faden.

By the looks of it, Contol will certainly be a very much talked about the game and will have a few surprises for players. This Xbox One storage though does give some hint as to what size the game will be for PS4 and PC, but as we have seen sometimes the PS4 versions tend to be a bit bigger than Xbox.


Control is expected to be released on the 27th of August 2019 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and we will certainly have more updates leading up to the release of the game.