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What Happened To Pet Simulator X (Content Deleted)?

Did Pet Simulator X get deleted? Here's what players need to know.

Pet Simulator X is one of the most popular Roblox games ever made. At the time of writing, it had 252,081 active users and 3.7B+ visits, which is huge. This fame is well-deserved because the game is awesome and super engaging. But something strange happened in March 2022 and if you’re wondering what happened to Pet Simulator X and why did it say ‘Content Deleted’, here are the details.

What Happened to Pet Simulator X – Did it get Deleted?


pet sim x content deleted

For a short while, Pet Simulator X got deleted from Roblox. It disappeared from the search as well as the suggested experiences section. If you searched for “Pet Sim X” you would see all the clones and rip-offs of the game, but not the original one. Players who checked their recently played games could see [Content Deleted]. This made fans panic – was Pet Sim X deleted for good? Will players never be able to play Pet Sim X ever again?

Don’t worry. The game is back up online. It’s unclear why it happened for this specific experience. But usually, if a game violates the terms of use of Roblox, the platform may delete the game. In such a scenario, the developers will have to remove the asset or element that’s breaking the ToS, and then, it might be discoverable and playable again.


There’s a chance that if a game has [ Content Deleted ] in its title, it could still be playable, but that’s not always the case. Moreover, if a game gets falsely reported as inappropriate or it gets hacked, it might get deleted. Another thing to consider is that it could simply be a mistake or an error.

Here’s what Youtuber Russo Plays saw when he clicked on the Play button while the game showed [ Content Deleted ] :


So, that’s what happened to Pet Simulator X and why it might have been ‘content deleted’ for a while. Now that it’s back up, be sure to check out our Pet Sim X guides for more info.