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How to Repair Damage Cargo in Death Stranding – Fix Timefall Damage

Fix your Cargo before delivery to increase Likes

You will be doing a ton of delivery in Death Stranding, with too much travelling you have to protect your cargo from Mules, BT’s and Timefall rains. The most annoying is the rain that damages the containers and if you deliver damaged containers your likes are reduced as well it affects the Porter ratings. But there is an accessory in Death Stranding that can help you to full repair the cargo before you deliver it to any terminal. In this Death Stranding guide you can learn how to repair Cargo using Container Repair Spray and how to craft or get Container Repair Spray in the game.

How to Repair Cargo using Container Repair Spray

Container Repair Spray will be unlocked sooner in the game after making a few deliveries it will be provided you as a reward. It can be fabricated in simple terms crafted only at the Terminals. Not at PCC or any other point, you have to pick a few containers spray before heading to the next delivery terminal. By keeping atleast two in your cargo, you can spray it on the containers before delivering them. It is an very useful items. First here are tips on how to craft container repair sprays in Death Stranding.

  1. Container Repair Spray’s will be unlocked once you reach the Distribution Center.
  2. Visit any terminal and go to the Fabricate Equipment Menu.
  3. Select Container Repair Spray and see the required items, always grab Crystals on your way.
  4. Whenever you find one add it to your inventory or you can claim crafting items from every deliver point.
  5. While you see your Cargo is getting damaged in Timefall you will also see text warnings about it. To fix before delivery or in between if you have multiple sprays, press D-pad Right and use the joystick to select the Container Repair Spray.
  6. Press L2 and then Press R2 to spray it on containers on ground or on the bike.
  7. Press Square to spray it on containers on your back.

In this way you fix all containers and get max likes during Delivery. Containers Spray are highly important accessory, so keep at-least two of them in your Cargo.

How to Craft Container Repair Spray:

Crafting materials will be rewarded to you after completing deliveries. Following is Container Repair Spray.

  • 16 Crystals
  • 18 Resins

To craft the Container Repair Spray visit any Delivery Terminal, Go to Fabricated Menu, select the Container Repair Spray from Tools section. Select the spray, press X twice and then Hold X to craft it. You can then place it on the back or you can also carry it on the bike. Below is a short video how Container Repair Spray Works.