BG3 Waking Mind: Should You Consume Or Purge Slack Skinned Head?

Check out this guide to know whether you should consume or purge the Slack Skinned Head’s Waking Mind in BG3.

While exploring the Necrotic Laboratory in BG3, players will stumble upon a strange talking head called the Slack Skinned Head. You will find out that the head rests on top of a Mind-Archive Interface which can be accessed with different types of mind jars. These mind jars are scattered throughout the Nautiloid in Act One while you will find a few including the Waking Mind in the laboratory.

Inserting the mind in the interface, players will be able to interact with the Slack Skinned Head who will assume the consciousness of a Githzerai Warrior. And if that is not enough, the warrior will further extend an offer where you will have the choice to either consume or purge your mind. With the correct choices, you will be able to have a helpful permanent buff for your character going forward. So if you are wondering if you should help the Githzerai or simply turn down the offer, then here is everything you need to know.

Should You Consume or Purge Waking Mind in BG3?

Should You Consume Or Purge The Waking Mind In BG3?
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According to us, purging the Slack Skinned Head’s Waking Mind in BG3 will be the better option. The main reason behind it is, that agreeing to the offer and purging the mind will let you gain the Githzerai Mind Barrier. This permanent buff will help you have an advantage on Intelligence Saving Throws in the game. Considering that it can only be obtained from the Slack Skinned Head, we would suggest that you agree with Githzerai’s offer and purge the mind.

However, if you are looking to head towards a more evil path for your playthrough in BG3 then ignoring or consuming the mind will help you do just that. After going through these options, you won’t be able to gain the Githzerai Mind Barrier buff. On top of it, many party members may disapprove of your choices in the game.

Having said that, since you obtain nothing from consuming the Waking Mind, we highly recommend purging it in BG3. The choice makes sense given that you spend some time figuring out the brain puzzle required to open the door where you find it. The permanent buff can be deemed as a reward in the game. And it can be of great value going forward in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Where to Find Waking Mind in BG3?

You will come across a Jar behind the Brain Mapping Puzzle in BG3. You can locate the puzzle door further southeast of the laboratory in the game. Once you solve the brain mapping puzzle and open the door, you will be able to loot the Waking Mind Jar from inside along with some other equipment in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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