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Conqueror’s Blade Guide: Common Beginner Mistakes

Conqueror's Blade Mistakes

In Conqueror’s Blade, almost all battles are built to capture and hold key points. So, in order to get a fortress, it is necessary to first capture one or several control points from the defenders and only then proceed to capture the final one. After losing each of these points, the capture time increases by three minutes. This motivates the defenders to hold each key position for as long as possible. In this Conqueror’s Blade guide, we will look at the main team mistakes that players make during a siege or the defense of a fortress.

Towers and Cannons


The first common mistake, especially when defending a fortress, is the destruction of enemy siege towers and cannons immediately after the start of the battle. The fact is that towers and rams respawn on the map sometime after destruction. Thus, there is a high probability that the enemy team will get rid of all the cannons on the fortress, and the defenders will not be able to destroy the towers that appear.

To protect their cannons at the fortress, the members of the defending team must first eliminate as many enemy cannons as possible. This move will allow you to get rid of not only the towers on the map but from several appearing assault towers.

New Players Choose Ballistas


When choosing artillery, many players prefer only heavy guns. In most cases, this leads to the fact that the ballista gets destroyed by the enemy.

You can use these guns to eliminate the enemies that already control heavy artillery. At this moment the hero stands in one place and is an easy target.

It is possible to kill with one ballistic shot only wounded characters or fighters in light armor. In all other cases, the enemy will take three-quarters of damage, and will be forced to leave the gun and hide to restore health.