Fix MW2 Connection Failed Puget-Altus Fix

Here is how you can fix the connection failed error in COD MW2.

Many COD MW2 players are unable to play the game due to the Connection Failed Puget-Altus error and need a fix. Connection issues are nothing new for an online game, so it is only normal that MW2 faces similar issues. You typically get such errors when there is an overload of players or if the servers are down. So in this guide let us check how to fix the Connection Failed Puget-Altus error in Call of Duty Modern Warfare (MW) 2.

How to Fix the Connection Failed Error in Modern Warfare 2

how to fix the connection failed error in cod mw2

While these aren’t the official fixes you can try these workarounds to resolve the connection failed error in COD MW2:

  • Check Server Status: Since this is a connection issue the first thing you should do is check the MW2 servers. You can learn about them at the Activision online services page. If the servers are down or under some maintenance then wait for them to be back before trying to play again.
  • Test your internet speed: If the MW2 servers are working fine then there must be some problem with your internet. You can try resolving it by quickly refreshing it.
    • On a Wired connection: Plug out the Ethernet cable from your system and wait for a few seconds. Plug it back in and it should refresh your internet.
    • For a Wireless connection: Restart your router. Once it starts connect your console or PC to it after a few seconds. Now try playing MW2 to see if it starts working again.
  • Try playing with a wired connection: Wired connections typically provide more stable and smoother gameplay as compared to wireless connections. So if possible try using a Wired connection and you shouldn’t get this error in COD Modern Warfare 2.
  • Restart the game: Another fix that you can do is close the game and start it after a few seconds. This should resolve the connection failed Puget-Altus error.
  • Restart your system: Restarting your PC or Console might also help do the trick. After it starts try playing MW2 and see if you still get the error.
  • Reinstall the game: If none of the above fixes work then it is best if you reinstall the game. Just uninstall it from your system then do a fresh install. Once the game is ready, play it and you shouldn’t get the connection failed error.

That covers this guide on how to fix the connection failed error in Call of Duty Modern Warfare (MW) 2. If you would like more help on other topics for this game then don’t miss out on our guides on the best assault rifle to use, all weapons list, and how to mute other players.

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