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Concrete Genie Dev Hiring for a “New And Exciting PlayStation 5 Adventure”

As can be seen from current job advertisements, the Concrete Genie developers from Pixel Opus are working on a new project for the PlayStation 5. Concrete details have not yet been given.


Last year, the Californian development studio Pixel Opus attracted attention with the creative PlayStation 4 adventure Concrete Genie. As the studio announced, those responsible at Pixel Opus are currently looking for new staff who will work on a new project for the PlayStation 5.

On the one hand, they are looking for a new senior game engine programmer. In addition, the post of gameplay programmer is to be filled. Unfortunately, the developers of Pixel Opus did not get any tangible information about the studio’s new project.

Instead, the job advertisements mentioned only that interested applicants will participate in a “new and exciting PlayStation 5 adventure.” When the official announcement of the title can be expected, the studio left it wide open.

Concrete Genie, the last project by Pixel Opus, was released exclusively for the PlayStation 4, as mentioned at the beginning, and scored particularly well with its creative concept. You slip into the role of the protagonist Ash, whose hometown Denska was haunted by a dark force.

Your task in Concrete Genie was to use your brush to create the magical creatures in the form of the geniuses who stood by your side with their skills. A VR mode was also offered.