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How To Complete The Trash Bear’s Quests In Stardew Valley

Here is a guide on how to complete the Trash Bear's quests in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is an ordinarily designed game but it has still managed to gain popularity amongst the millions of players. One of the most fantastic aspects of the game is that it is literally endless and can be played infinitely. The game also includes a ton of side quests which you can participate in. Trash Bear’s quests in the game are one of them which many players find incredibly hard to find and finish. No need to worry, we’re going to help you with this guide. Here is how to complete the Trash Bear’s quests in Stardew Valley.


Trash Bear’s Location in Stardew Valley

Before you proceed any further, it’s important to know Trash Bear’s location in Stardew Valley first. Keep in mind that the Trash Bear will be available in Stardew Valley only after you reach Year 3 in the game. Also, he will appear on the first non-rainy day of Year 3. As soon as the rain stops, you will be able to talk to Trash Bear. He is situated at the bottom of the map in Cindersap Forest just next to the sewer pipe.

Trash Bear Location Stardew Valley


How to Complete Trash Bear’s Quests

Once you talk to Trash Bear, he’ll start giving you a series of quests to complete. There are four of them in total, he’ll most likely ask for two seasonal fish and two foraged items. He will also ask for two cooked dishes after you deliver the previous ones first. Keep in mind that some of these demands may change depending on the season.

How does Trash Bear Reward you

After you complete all of Trash Bear’s quests, he will fly away on his umbrella which is made of leaves. He will give you the below mentioned rewards as a token of appreciation:

  • The trash in the water near the sewer will be cleaned up and replaced with trees
  • The dog pen at Stardrop Saloon will be upgraded
  • The trash from Pam’s front yard will be removed

That is all you need to do to complete the Trash Bear’s quests in Stardew Valley. If this managed to help you, do check out our Stardew Valley page for more such tips and tricks in the game.