How To Complete Search & Seizure Contract In Warzone 2 (Resurgence Mode)

Here is what you need to do during the Search and Seizure Contract in the Resurgence mode of CoD Warzone 2.

Search & Seizure is one of the many contracts that you can complete in the new Resurgence mode of Warzone 2. This mode is different because you get to respawn as many times as you like as long as at least one member of your squad is alive. So without further ado here is what Search & Seizure contracts are in Call of Duty Warzone 2 and how you can complete them.

How to Complete Search & Seizure Contract in Warzone 2

warzone 2 complete search and seizure contract

To complete Search & Seizure contract you need to eliminate AI enemies and steal their vehicle and drive it to the drop-off location. While this may sound easy, things can start getting tough once you get the vehicle. So here is what you need to do:

  1. Start a match in the Resurgence Mode.
  2. Open your map and look for the Search and Seizure Contract. It has a green phone icon with a black unlock symbol in it. This location will change each time you play a new seizure contract map location
  3. Go to this location on the map and look for a Walkie Talkie. Accept it to start the contract.pick up search seizure contract walkie talkie
  4. Next, go to the location marked on the map where the enemy vehicle will be that you need to steal. It is always an SUV or a Patrol seizure contract vehicle location
  5. Once you find the vehicle, don’t rush toward it instead eliminate the enemy AI guarding it nearby.
  6. After killing them all, walk up to the vehicle and unlock it.
  7. Get inside it and drive it to the drop-off location. You can check this location on your map.
  8. Make sure you drive fast because the enemies will be calling in airstrikes on you. So the slower you are the harder it will become to get to your destination.
  9. Finally, get the vehicle to the marked location for drop-off and you will complete the contract.

The best part is the game gives you XP and cash as rewards for completing the contract.

That covers this guide on how to complete the Search & Seizure contract in the Resurgence mode of CoD Warzone 2. For more such topics on this game don’t miss out on our other Warzone 2 guides.