Roblox The Classic: How To Complete The Cloud Secret Quest

Here’s how you can complete the Cloud Secret quest in Roblox The Classic event, so that you can claim a Token as a reward.

If you are looking to earn Tix and Tokens, you will have to participate in some puzzling quests. During this event, players will need a nudge in the right direction if they want to finish all their tasks. Similarly, one of the most complicated challenges will be completing the Cloud Secret quest in Roblox The Classic event.

Although it is difficult, with the help of the steps we have provided in this guide, you will easily be able to complete this quest. Once done, you can claim the Token you receive and exchange it to collect some exclusive items and rewards.

How to Complete the Cloud Secret Quest in Roblox The Classic Event

How To Complete The Cloud Secret Quest In Roblox The Classic

As the name of the quest suggests, players will have to find the secret hidden in the clouds. To begin this challenge, firstly, once you spawn, get to the center of the island by going near the duck. From here, if you look in the direction of the leaderboard, you will notice a checkered flag.

After you have spotted this black and white flag, make your way to it. You will then see a hole in the ground, jump inside, and use the ladder to get to the bottom. You will reach a race track, cross it, and walk towards the other side.

Roblox The Classic The Cloud Secret Quest

Here, you’ll notice a red flower. Step on it and slowly jump off the ledge. Although the fall might feel like you’ve taken the wrong step and destroyed your chances of completing this quest, after falling you’ll quickly land on a sturdy platform. You can claim the Token that is present on this platform and complete the Cloud Secret quest.

That’s all you need to know to finish the Cloud Secret quest in Roblox The Classic event. If you are looking for more of these event-related guides, you can also check out how to open the Duck Vault and browse through our dedicated Roblox section.