All Hogwarts Legacy Companions & Their Backstories Explained

Read this guide to know about all the Hogwarts Legacy companions that you will encounter.

Similar to the Harry Potter series, your trusted friends come in the form of companions in Hogwarts Legacy. You can interact with these characters and complete quests for them. In return, your character can get special skills which can prove useful during boss fights. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

All Hogwarts Legacy Companions Explained

There are only four companions in Hogwarts Legacy at the time of writing. We have mentioned who they are, their houses and a short backstory for each of them:

Sebastian Sallow

sebastian sallow hogwarts legacy

Sebastian Sallow was a Slytherin student during the late 18th century at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He doesn’t shy away from breaking rules and is not scared of detention. Sebastian is hugely determined to get into the dangerous Dark Arts. He believes that there is no difference between good or evil magic. Sebastian simply wants to use it to save his sister from a life-threatening illness.

Poppy Sweeting

poppy sweeting

Poppy is one of the kindest companions in Hogwarts Legacy. She belongs to the Hufflepuff house and is a huge animal lover at heart. She has a gentle heart which is seen in her love for all the magical beasts in the Hogwarts Legacy overworld.

Natsai Onai

natsai onai

Natsai grew up in Africa amidst a tough childhood. Her father was killed when he tried to protect her from bandits. She is now a part of the Gryffindor house in Hogwarts Legacy. And it comes without surprise that Natsai is strong, courageous and quick-witted. She is already quite well-versed in wizardry. Natsai attended one of the largest wizarding schools in the world – Uagadou – before making the switch to Hogwarts.

Amit Thakkar

Amit aspires to be a historian of magic. He is an exceptionally bright student and belongs to the Ravenclaw house in Hogwarts Legacy. His biggest hobby by far is stargazing. Amit also had the most up-to-date telescopes at his disposal. And that’s not all, Amit had also planned out his first memoir as well.

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That’s all you need to know about all the Hogwarts Legacy companions. For more guides like these, check out our dedicated Hogwarts Legacy section on Gamer Tweak.