When Will MLB The Show 23 Companion App For iOS Be Out?

Let's look at when an iOS version of the Companion App be available.

MLB The Show 23 has made some real improvements to the game’s graphics, player interface, and even all-new modes. For the past few editions, the game has a Companion app that players can download on their mobile devices. But as fans and players get on with the downloading part, it seems it isn’t available to download on iPhones or any other iOS devices. While it is available on Android, several players wonder if it will be out for iOS devices. So, let’s look at when will MLB The Show 23 Companion App for iOS be out.

When Will MLB The Show 23 Companion App for iOS Be Out?

when will mlb the show 23 companion app iOS be out

With each new game, San Diego Studio developers try to create the best possible experience for the most hardcore baseball fans out there. Along with a new game every year, they release a Companion App for android and iOS. However, this year the studio is running behind on its promise of a complete iOS version. A tweet from the official account gives us an update about the status of an iOS version, assuring players that one is on the way. With no confirmed release date, iOS users will have to be a little patient.

Currently, Android users can download MLB The Show 23 Companion App to get started on their journey. The Companion app is an ideal tool for players to track all Community Marketplace movements. Managing your squad, participating in exchanges, and looking after your inventory are all possible on the app. One of the newest additions is the Face Scan feature, which lets you give a new Ballplayer your likeness. All these features will be part of the iOS version when it comes out.

That’s all our information on when MLB The Show 23 Companion App will be out for iOS. For more game-related guides, check out our MLB The Show 23 guides section right here on Gamer Tweak.