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How To Get Collector Trophy In God Of War Ragnarok

Here's how you can get Collector Trophy in God of War Ragnarok.

Trophies are achievements you unlock after completing a hidden task, such as Spartan Ways, which opens after Kratos learns his final Spartan Rage. Some of these trophies are trickier to earn, such as Collector Trophy, the last Trophy in the game that leaves players puzzled. To help you know how to get Collector Trophy in God of War Ragnarok, this guide will provide you with detailed information on how to get one.


How To Get Collector Trophy in God of War Ragnarok

Get Collector Trophy in God of War Ragnarok

This Trophy is unlocked when all the Relics and Sword Hilts found in the game are collected. These items give you additional Buffs or secondary attacks on activation. Many players fail to unlock this Trophy because they don’t know the location of all 14 Relics found in the game. So, here’s the list of all Relics and Sword Hilts that are found in the game:

  • Talisman of Mein
  • Hilt of Hofud
  • Hilt of Gram
  • Glaive of Dodger
  • Hilt of Angrvadall
  • Hilt of Dainsleif
  • Hilt of Ridill
  • Hilt of Tyrfing
  • Hilt of Forsbrandr
  • Mystical Heirloom
  • Hilt of Hrotti
  • Huldra Project 9
  • Motsognir’s Call
  • Hilt of Skofnung

Talisman of Meign

This is the first Relic that you find in the game. You pick it up during the Quest of Tyr in Chapter 2. You will find it inside the Applecore Mine of Svartalfheim. It increases your Melee damage when activated.


Hilt of Hofud

It is obtained after defeating Heimdall in the Abandoned Village of Vanaheim during the Creatures of Prophecy story. The Hilt of Hofud slows time by creating a realm Shift.

Hilt of Gram

You can find it inside a Legendary Chest in Alfiem’s Temple of Light. Activating Hilt of Gram gives you increased Rage and also stuns the enemy.


Glaive of Dodher

In Chapter 6 – The Reckoning, where you will defeat the boss in the Vanaheim realm’s Abandoned village, you will get a Relic known as Glaive of Dodher, when activated, throws Bifrost Projectiles at the target.

Hilt of Angravadall

It is one of the four Relics connected to the Lost Pages. These are craftable items. Hence, to craft Hilt of Angravadall, complete the Dessert Door and defeat the boss. You can prepare it using Skirnir’s Gambanteinn, a rare item found in the Forbidden Sands of Alfheim realm.


Hilt of Diansheilf

Since Hilt of Diansheilf is one of the four Relics of Lost Pages, you can craft it from the shop. The only condition to craft is to obtain all 4 Lost Pages first. When Slammed into the ground after activating it, this Relic gives the Poison effect nearby.

Hilt of Ridill

This Hilt is crafted after completing the side quest of Animal Instinct found in the Midgard at the Raider Keeps. After defeating the boss, you will get Crackle of Bilskinir, which is essential for crafting Hilt of Ridill. This Hilt unleashes waves of Shock against enemies when activated.

Unlock Collector Trophy in God of War Ragnarok

Hilt of Tyrfing

This is the last of all four Lost Pages Relics. The item required to craft this is Nar Cup which is dropped by Blatonn, a monster found in Chapter 6 – The Reckoning. However, the Blueprint is only accessible after you take on the Side Quest, Scent of Survival, and unlock the Crater region of Vanaheim. On activation, this Relic inflicts damage based on the health lost.

Hilt of Forsbrandr

Raven Keeper drops Hilt of Forsbrandr on defeat. To summon her, free all 48 souls of Odin’s Raven, and she will ambush you. You will fight her in Neilfheim’s Raven Tree area. On activation, it pushes enemies back while protecting you.


Mystical Heirloom

You can find it in the Lake of Nine area of Midgard, where you will find a weak ice region. Break it using your Spear to free the dead Dwarf, and you will find the Relic. It awakens Slumbering Bosses. On defeating them, they drop items that you can use to upgrade your armor.

Hilt of Hrotti

Defeat Oath Guards in the Plains area of the Vanaheim realm to obtain the Hilt of Hrotti. On activation, it reduces your cooldown by marking down the enemy.

Huldra Project 9

Purchase contraption Brok and Sindri from Dwarven Shop and create the Mystic Gateway realm. Unlike other Relics you obtain during the main story progression, this one is brought during Post Game exploration. Mimir uses it for targeted Bifrost attacks on activation.

Motsognir’s Call

It is found next to the topmost Legendary Chest in the Aesir Prison Wreckage area of the Niflheim realm. On activation, it creates a shockwave with high Stun chances.

Get Collector Trophy God of War Ragnarok

Hilt of Skofnung

Defeat Berserker Boss King Hrolf Kraki, found in King’s Grave of Midgard realm, to obtain full power of Hilt of Skofnung. This Hilt is obtained during the main storyline and is used to summon Berserkers, but the true power is only unleashed after defeating the Berserker boss. Therefore, you must defeat all 12 Berserkers found in 9 realms at their respective Berserker Gravestones to summon Berseker Boss.

That’s all you need to know about how to get a collector Trophy in God of War Ragnarok. Also, check out our guide on all family crest locations in God of War Ragnarok.