Collecting Alien Devices In Fortnite Is Not Working

Here is what you should know about the Alien devices not collecting issue in Fortnite.

In Season 7 of Fortnite, the Aliens are coming to invade us. We need to stop them, to do so we must launch the counter-measure. But something went wrong, here is something you should know about the Collecting Alien Devices Not Working in Fortnite issue.

Why can’t I collect the Alien Devices?

alien devices

Sometimes when you go to one of the Alien Devices, it doesn’t let you pick it up. Collecting them is just not working. This is an issue that many players are facing. This is a server-side issue so till the Developers don’t fix it, you will have to deal with it. What you can do to fix is you can try collecting them in multiple games and see if it works. Another way is to either restarting Fortnite or the Gaming System that you use. If none of them works then try contacting Customer Support. Otherwise, the last option is to wait and see if the issue gets fixed.

What is the Counter-measure Mission?

To Launch the Counter-measure, we need 3 Alien Devices that are located around Corny Complex. The Alien Device looks like a Purple Sphere that hovers over the ground by feet or two. One is located at the North of Corny Complex in a patch of Purple Grass, the second one is on the South East side near the Purple Crater, and the Last one is at the South West side in a Purple Grass patch. You can collect these in any order and then you must bring them to the Countermeasure Device, it looks like a Nuclear Reactor, which is located under the Red Barn in Corny Complex. You Slot the Devices in and presto you will be ready to deal with the Aliens. This is a Legendary Quest and after completing it you will get 30,000 XP.

This was all about the Collecting the Alien Devices Not Working Bug in Fortnite. Hopefully, this article has helped you clear the doubts and troubles you had. The issue will be resolved soon enough. You can also check out our guides on Master Chief Skin and Superman Skin.