How to complete Escape from Tarkov Colleagues Part 1 Quest

New Task Colleagues Part 1 is unlocked at the Therapist, to complete it here are three locations to find Cottage, Health Resort, and Pier.

Colleagues Part 1 is a new quest in Escape from Tarkov, it is added by the most recent 12.7 Update. The quest has some challenges that can be tough to complete. For example, finding different locations to locate the groups. This guide will help you to find places like Cottage, Health Restore & Pier, and also where is the extraction point to complete Colleagues Part 1 Quest.

How to complete Colleagues Part 1 Quest

Go to the Task Tab in Escape from Tarkov and look for Colleagues Part 1 quest from the Therapist. There are four objectives of this quest, they are:

  • Locate the group sent to the Health Resort
  • Find the group sent to the Pier
  • Locate the group sent to the Cottages
  • Survive & leave the area

All three locations are in different places, and it can be challenging to find them just on the basis of clues. So here is a map screenshot on how to easily locate all three places in Escape from Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov Cottage Location

Escape from Tarkov Cottage Location

To find the Cottage travel to the South West center of the Shoreline Map. There are some bodies next to the lockable cottage you just have to stand near them to continue with the quest. To help you check the map screenshot above. It will take you to the exact location, look for bodies, and stand next to them.

Escape from Tarkov Health Resort Location

Escape from Tarkov Hotel Restore Location

The next location is Hotel Resort. Towards the center of the map look for the helicopter over the Resort. The body is below the helicopter, this is where you complete the Locate the group sent to the Health Resort objective.

Escape from Tarkov Pier Location

Escape from Tarkov Pier Location

The last and final objective is to locate the Pier in Escape from Tarkov. You will have to search for a blue house on the exact location marked in the image above. Look for a body outside the building an indicator that you are on the right spot. Go inside and check out the body on the ground to complete the quest final objective of Colleagues Part 1.

After finding all three locations it is necessary to survive and leave the area safely. So you will need to find Shoreline Extraction Points. Click the link to know about all Escape from Tarkov Shoreline Escape points. After completing this you will proceed to Colleagues Part 2.