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Code Vein Gift Guide: List of Best Items To Give To Your Favorite NPCs

Here's a complete list of best items to give to your favourite NPCs in Code Vein.

If you give the perfect Valuables gifts to your favourite NPCs then it will surely boost trading points with other characters. In Code Vein Valuables Gift guide, we will be talking about all the unique Valuable gifts we have discovered and which NPC’s appreciate each type of gift, letting you enhance the bonuses offered for each and every gift.

For the uninitiated, in order to maximize points with NPCs in Code Vein, you need to select their favourite gifts. Each gift in Code Vein has a specific amount of points on the basis of the particular character. There are some NPCs, which love a 35mm reel while others prefer organic soap or Geisha Noodles.

There are tons of Gifts to give in Code Vein and if you want to get those +5 point bonuses instead of a week+1 then these gifts you must want to give.

Notably, there is an NPC assistant that will always there to help you out in Code Vein. In order to make the game much easier, you will have to support the helpers. If you have been having trouble against a boss fight, we would recommend grabbing skills to protect you (and your helper) from elemental attacks, or any kind of buff. If you want to make the game a lot easier, make sure to keep your secondary helper alive. 

If you have been wondering what gifts to give each character in Code Vein, check out the following table for a breakdown on all the valuables that we have found:

Code Vein Valuables Gift Giving Guide

In order to make it easier, we have divided it into two lists. In the table, the numbers present the amount of Trade points that you will earn by giving that particular item to the listed character.

Valuable Gift Name
35mm Reel22322
Aged Brandy12513
Antique Coin22111
Antique LP Record52332
Aromatic Herbs11225
Blood Bead Candy33333
Board Game12352
Bottled Jam03123
Boutique Sake32511
Bugarally Doll53553
Chocolate Garlic Flakes52130
Classic Camera51211
Curious Novelty11111
Custom Gun Parts22331
Expensive Cigars31211
Faded Comics25332
Fancy Cologne22233
Flower Seeds21122
Fragrant Tea23125
Local Pennant11111
Organic Soap22233
Powerful Spices20213
Protein Powder32211
Pungent Cheese32301
Retro Game12352
Spotless Instrument13220
Stuffed Toy11132
Sushi Tacos22333
Tomato Oden Sandwich35213
Undamaged Paint Set11022
Well-worn Tool31131
Yellowed Book35121
Valuable Gift Name
35mm Reel2323
Aged Brandy0115
Antique Coin2235
Antique LP Record2233
Aromatic Herbs5222
Blood Bead Candy3333
Board Game2211
Bottled Jam3222
Boutique Sake0111
Bugarally Doll2335
Chocolate Garlic Flakes5312
Classic Camera1223
Curious Novelty1511
Custom Gun Parts2122
Expensive Cigars2103
Faded Comics1331
Fancy Cologne3330
Flower Seeds2253
Fragrant Tea2322
Local Pennant1511
Organic Soap3332
Powerful Spices5122
Protein Powder1112
Pungent Cheese1123
Retro Game2211
Spotless Instrument1231
Stuffed Toy2021
Sushi Tacos5305
Tomato Oden Sandwich5552
Undamaged Paint Set1231
Well-worn Tool2111
Yellowed Book1323

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