How to Get All Depths Maps In Code Vein

Here’s a list of 12 Depths maps in Code Vein and their locations.

Published and developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Code Vein was released for PlayStation,  Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on September 27, 2019. According to reports, more than a million copies of Code Vain have already been sold globally.

Those who have been playing this action role-playing game must have an idea how lengthy its main story is. But, the game has plethora of side content to dig into as well. Majority of Code Vein’s side content is made up of small bite-sized dungeons called the Depths.

While exploring the Depth, you will find a lot of maps, however, this guide will help you to get all Depths maps in Code Vain.

How to Get All Depths Maps in Code Vein

There are 12 Depths map that you will have to discover in Code Vein, some of which can be found in the environment while others will be given to you by NPCs. After finding the first Dark Depths map, you simply head to Home Base and speak with Davis. He will explain how to use it properly.

Not only for the first time, each time you find a new map, speak with Davis and he will allow you to access the new Dark Depths area as shown in the map. Below you will find a description on how to get each Depths maps and in Code Vein.

Here’s a list of 12 Depths maps in Code Vein:

  1. Den of the Dead

    You can get there from the Outer Crossroads. You will have to take the long path to South following the stairs down. You will find this map near a dead body.

  2. Den of Darkness

    When you returned to the Outer Crossroads, talk to the merchant there, Shang, he will hand over this map to you.

  3. Town of Sacrifice
    You will find this map on the roof of the Dried-Up Trenches.
  4. Swirling Flood

    After completing Shang’s first request in Den of Darkness, then leave and return back to Outer Crossroads again to start an event where you protect him from Lost. After that beat the Cathedral of Sacred Blood and Successor of the Ribcage boss, then talk to Shang again at Outer Crossroads.
    He will give you this map too.

  5. Flood of Impurity

    Unfortunately, there was no map this area. You will have to follow the main story until you are asked to find the special statue. After locating and activating the statue, follow the cave through the end. After climbing to the top of the ladder, simply turn around, there you will see a map.

  6. Cliffs of Rust
    To get this map, you need to complete the first step of Self-Important Revenant (the one with pink hair encountered in the garage)  at the Parking Garage in Ruined City Center. After doing that, move to Decayed Ship Interior in Dried-Up Trenches and talk to him, he will give Cliffs of Rust map to you.

  7. Silent White
    Once you completed Shang’s quest for Swirling Flood, head back once again to Outer Crossroads and talk to him and receive another step of the quest and get the Silent White map from him.
  8. Arachnid Grotto

    Talk to Gustav at the entrance of Dried-Up Trenches to begin his info collecting quest. You need to find the three pieces of info; Citizen’s Opinions on the third floor of the parking garage in Ruined City Center, Damage Report to the Southwest of the Outlook Tower Mistle in Cathedral of Sacred Blood, and Project Evaluation to the East of the Observatory Site Mistle in Ridge of Frozen Souls. Give all three of these to Gustav.
    Later, he will head toward the Accumulator Ruins Mistle in Ashen Cavern, so talk to him there and get Arachnid Grotto map.

  9. Misty Ruins
    Found near the end of the Crypt Spire area, on a walkway on the second level, located above the starting point of the area.

  10. Rocky Ruins

    Complete the questline for Self Important Revenant and Richard.
    1st – Howling Pits – Hall of Deception Mistle
    2nd – Ridge of Frozen Souls Entrance – Follow the main path until you reach a pit that you can drop down on the left.
    3rd – Ruined City Undergound – Just ahead of the Natural Cavern Depths Mistle.

  11. Zero District

    After fighting with Queen’s Knight Reborn boss in the Provincial Government Outskirts, just follow the path and go down the ladder to find the map right there.

  12. Void District
    You will find this map on the Provisional Government Center map.

That’s all you need to know about how to get all Depths maps in Code Vein.