COD Warzone: Best MP5 Loadout

Learn about the Best Loadout for the MP5 in COD Warzone from this guide.

In an FPS Shooter like Call Of Duty: Warzone, the gun META is always evolving, morphing, & adapting. Reasons like new Weapons, Maps, Updates, etc. play a huge part in the ever-changing META. As such some Weapons will see the Light of Glory while the others will be in the Depths of Despair. One such Weapon that has seen a popular rise in usage is the MP5. It is an SMG, i.e. Submachine Gun, a suited weapon for Close Quarters Combat. With the right Loadout, any gun can be good. In the same spirit, we can make the MP5 the Best Weapon in its Class. In this guide, I will show you the Best MP5 Loadout in COD Warzone.

Best MP5 Loadout in COD Warzone

best mp5 loadout cod warzone

Mentioned below is the Best Loadout for the MP5 in COD Warzone.

  • Muzzle – Agency Suppressor.
  • Barrel – 9.5″ Task Force.
  • Underbarrel – Bruiser Grip.
  • Ammunition – Salvo 50 Rnd Fast Mag.
  • Stock – Raider Stock

This is the recommended Loadout that you should use for the MP5. It will provide you with the Perks:

  • Sound Suppression
  • Vertical Recoil Control
  • Bullet Velocity (+30%)
  • Damage Range Increase (+10%)
  • Bullet Velocity (+55%)
  • Damage Range Increase (+10%)
  • Strafe Speed Increase
  • Sprint to Fire Speed
  • Aim Walking Movement (ADS Strafe)(+30%)
  • Movement Speed Increase
  • Hip Fire Accuracy Increase
  • Magazine Ammo Capacity (+20)
  • Reload Quickness (-0.7s)

But this will come with the Cons:

  • Aim Down Sight Speed (+17ms)
  • Aiming Stability Decrease
  • Vertical Recoil Control Decrease
  • Horizontal Recoil Control Decrease
  • Hip Fire Accuracy Decrease

In whole honesty, the Perks out way the Cons by a long shot. If you ever consider using the MP5 in Warzone, which you should, you must use this Loadout. This Loadout will more or less make you a Speed Demon that can Mow down anyone in sight.

This was all about the Best MP5 Loadout in COD Warzone. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guides like Best Welgun Loadout in COD Warzone.