How To Fix Call Of Duty Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200

Fix the Call Of Duty Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200

All Call Of Duty games seem to have their own share of bugs and Authorization issues. These issues can be serious at times where your entire data gets wiped or it might be a really small issue with nothing much to worry about. Regardless, the internet always prevails in bringing you some quick and easy fixes for the same without much hassle. The issue we’re focusing on today is the Call Of Duty Mobile: Authorization Error 5 1200 that keeps popping up. Find out how to fix this Authorization Error by scrolling down.

How to fix the Call Of Duty Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200

Call Of Duty Mobile: Authorization Error 5 1200
The Authorization Error 5 1200 keeps popping up usually with new updates.

There are some simple fixes for the Authorization Error 5 1200. You can find them below.

Clear COD Mobile Cache data

The First thing you can do to fix this issue is to clear the cache. This is one of the easiest methods to fix this issue and makes the game run like it’s new. To clear the cache follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Open your Applications toolbar.
  • Search for COD Mobile and click on it.
  • You will see an option for Clear Cache.
  • Click this and restart the application.

Switch your Network connection

Sometimes all you need to do is transfer over to Mobile Data to fix this issue. However, if you have a limited data plan you can wait for COD Mobile to boot up and then switch on your WiFi. Alternatively, you can check whether another device is hogging your bandwidth. Or you can just restart your router again.

Switching on VPN

You can use this method but it might slow down your gameplay if you don’t have a sufficiently fast network. VPN changes your IP address but at the same time introduces network lag on a slow connection.

Restart your Phone

This is the fix to literally most of the problems smartphone users face. A restart is sometimes all you need at times to bring your phone back to optimum levels.

Reinstalling Call Of Duty Mobile

This is another trick but one that’s bound to take some time as it is a fairly large application. However, if you’ve tried everything else without luck this might be your last resort. Alternatively, keep an eye out on COD Mobile’s Social Media as they sometimes post easy fixes on their feeds.

The Authorization Error 5 1200 for Call of Duty Mobile is a persistent issue and keeps coming back with new patches and huge updates. It, fortunately, isn’t a game-breaking problem and is easy to fix.

This is everything you need to know about how to fix the Authorization Error 5 1200 in Call Of Duty Mobile. Here at Gamer Tweak, we even cover other games so make sure to check them out too. If you want to know more about Call Of Duty Mobile have a look at the interlinked article.