COD: Black Ops Cold War Beta Available Today; Features FOV Slider, Ping System & More

The open beta for COD: Black Ops Cold War starts tonight for players who have pre-orders on PlayStation 4. In line with the approaching start of the beta, the Treyarch developers spoke about the optimizations and innovations that are being offered.

The open beta for the upcoming first-person shooter COD: Black Ops Cold War starts today on Thursday evening at 10 am PDT for pre-orderers on the PlayStation 4.

After the developers at Treyarch pointed out a few days ago that the open beta was getting a lot of new features and improvements compared to the alpha test, concrete details of the optimizations have now been given.

Among other things, according to official information, various improvements were made in the play area. In addition, new content is on board in the form of maps or modes. Treyarch said the following in an official statement:

“In addition to the new maps, modes, and features we’re bringing to the Black Ops Cold War Beta – including VIP Escort, Combined Arms: Assault, Fireteam: Dirty Bomb, FOV slider on consoles, and more – we’re also delivering plenty of gameplay enhancements based on player feedback and internal data from the Alpha.”

“From updates to core movement and visual fidelity improvements to weapon tuning and spawn adjustments, there’s a lot that’s changed over the past few weeks. We’d be remiss if we didn’t thank you for all of your feedback along the way. It has been invaluable to our team, and will ultimately help us continue to improve upon the overall gameplay experience as we approach the November 13 launch.”

You can find the complete changelog for the new features and improvements of the Open Beta of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on the official website here.