COD Black Ops 4 Operation Grand Heist Season Map And New Content Revealed

Get A New Specialist In Your Squad - The Outrider

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Operation Grand Heist Season Map is out with info on all new content arriving on February 19 on PS4. Operation Grand Heist features a western theme, new modes, new weapons and a new specialist The Outrider. This new character uses a drone that tags player automatically and allow a much broader view to kill enemies.

The Outrider uses a bow and explosive arrow that is uncouth enough to damage anyone in the path. There are two new Black Ops Pass multiplayer maps also coming up. They are Madagascar and Elevation, new Zombie Gauntlet – Death-Con Five, One in the Chamber mode and a lot more is still in the list.

To get a glimpse of all new content watch the trailer above, you will see highlights of the new content along with new customer, characters, weapons, maps, etc. Operation Grand Heist also has a new respawn mode Blackout: Hot Pursuit where players will get a chance to check three new vehicles Muscle Car, SUV and PBR. The Blackout Map will also have a new region on the south east side called as the Ghost Town.


This is not finished yet there is also an underground area called Buried where players will face zombies. These are mostly highlights, to get a full view of the content click the image below. Detailed information on each and every thing is available on the source link.


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