COD Black Ops 4 New Free Blackout Map Coming Tomorrow

New Blackout Mode On Alcatraz Island

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is getting new Battle Royale Mode Blackout. It is released for free, players will be visiting the hostile Alcatraz island where they will face soldiers and zombies side by side. The free Blackout Mode will remain available till April 30, 2019, till the time it is free for all.

Above you can watch the action pack trailer of Alcatraz with details of weapons, vehicles, gadgets, environment and more. Battle Royale genre similar to what we see in Fortnite and PUBG, COD Black Ops goes to the next level. The launch trailer reveals a lot about close combat, with different type of weapon choices. There snipers, explosive arrows, flying suit, rocket launchers and more.

Zombies touch add a little more challenge, in the trailer they are shown in two places once locked in prison and later they are released following players to eat their brains. Luckily players can deploy traps to stop the horde.

Don’t miss the Free Blackout mode, it will remain active till the end of this year.

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