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Century Age Of Ashes Classes Explained

Here's our guide to help you pick the best dragon rider class in Century: Age of Ashes

Century: Age of Ashes is a third-player aerial combat video game wherein each player mounts on a dragon and is pitted against the other. It is a multiplayer game and completely free-to-play with in-game purchases. One of the game modes called Raid is all about defending and capturing the flag. For me, it seemed almost like a Quidditch game rather than broomsticks you get to ride an actual Dragon in Century. The players have to choose one out of three classes before they begin the game. And choosing a specific class will get you the dragon that belongs to that particular class. Here’s a guide explaining all the three classes and everything to know about them in the Century Age of Ashes.

Century: Age of Ashes Classes Explained

There are three classes in the Century Age of Ashes. Each class signifies different types of attributes and abilities. Now, let’s get on to these three classes:


  • They are also known as Skeldian Windguards and can ride the Ironwing Dragon in the Century Age of Ashes.
  • This class is a support type that heals and shields their teammates.
  • Windguards can use an ability called Salvation Surge to dash onto their teammates and provide a shield for a limited time when close.
  • In terms of offense, she can disperse lethal fog called Smoke Trail to blind and harm opponents.
  • Alternatively, she can also use Blast to damage her opponents.

skeldian windguard


  • They are also known as Naerdor Phantom in the game and ride the Nightsnagger Dragon in the Century Age of Ashes.
  • Phantoms are the stealth-type class that can defeat the opponents with various stealth ambushing tactics.
  • They have an ability called Mystic Shroud that cloaks their visibility for a temporary time.
  • Although if you attack whilst being invisible, the effect will cancel out and release impactful fireballs to your opponents.
  • They can also use the Mine ability to stick and blast the explosives when triggered by their opponents. Alternatively, he can also use Blast to shockwave his opponents.

phantom class century age of ashes


  • Judging from his appearance, Marauder looks like a hunter that is about to go on a killing spree in the Century Age of Ashes.
  • Marauder or also called Svard Marauder is the hunter class that rides Bloodchaser Dragon in Century Age of Ashes.
  • All of his abilities and attributes are related to breaking down the defenses of their opponents aggressively.
  • They have an ability called Gust that can destroy the fireballs released by your opponents.
  • And its Hunter’s Mark can skillfully trace and damage your opponents more than the rest of the classes.
  • Also, it’s Firebolt ability can shoot down three projectiles that weaken your opponent’s shields and heavily damage their movements.
  • These attributes make Marauder immensely strong in defense as well as offense.

marauder class century age of ashes

Choose wisely, as each one out of the three classes has its own unique set of abilities.

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