Steelrising Starting Class Tier List: Best One To Choose

Here's a Tier List for the Starting Class in Steelrising.

Steelrising is a game available in a closed beta version. You play as Aegis and join the revolution since the king of Paris is planning to create havoc in the city. As he introduces Automats to hamper the revolution, the task to stop it is upon you. With a lot of bloodshed to be thwarted, this action RPG is definitely one to try out. While at the beginning you will have to choose from one of the four classes available. While you can check out the Best Starting Class in Steelrising, this guide is a Tier List for the same. The Tier List is based on factors like stats, gameplay, and more. So check out this Tier List and select a class that will suit you in the game.

Steelrising Starting Class Tier List

Steelrising Starting Class Tier List

The Tier List might change when future updates influence the attributes and gameplay of the character. At the time of writing, we will go with this Starting Class Tier List in Steelrising:

Tier Starting Class
S Tier Bodyguard
A Tier Dancer
A Tier Alchemist
B Tier Soldier

While many people find Bodyguard to be difficult, we have it at the top of our Tier List. Particularly for its close melee combat and the high damage withstanding ability. And once you unlock equipment, you will be able to unleash on enemies.

Dancer is well known for its weapon, the Armored Fans which helps it deal damage. Along with that, the Agility attribute of the Dancer improves the weapon scaling as well.

The Alchemist is a magic class and works really well as well. Since you might prefer ranged combat, Alchemist would be a good choice for you.

While we do not believe that any class is outright weak in the game, Soldier is not a favored choice. Although the Halberd will give the Soldier a melee weapon with ranged abilities, the attributes of other classes overshadows this one.

That’s all on the Starting Class Tier list in Steelrising. While you are here, do check out our Guides for more content with Gamer Tweak.