How To Claim Deluxe Skin Pack In Minecraft Legends

If you bought the Deluxe edition of Minecraft Legends, here is how you can redeem the skin pack reward.

Minecraft Legends came out with a normal version and a Deluxe edition that has a Skin Pack reward that you can claim. Minecraft Legends is a new action/strategy Minecraft title that is set in the same world as the original Minecraft. This means it has the same familiar faces you see in Minecraft from Zombies to Golems to Skeletons. Minecraft fans love this brand-new way to experience Minecraft and many have chosen to buy the Deluxe edition to get even more out of their game. Let’s see how you can redeem and claim the Deluxe Skin Pack.

How To Redeem The Deluxe Skin Pack In Minecraft Legends

deluxe skin pack minecraft legends

So you have bought the Minecraft Legends Deluxe Edition and wondering how exactly you can get the Skin Pack reward associated with it? It is quite simple, here are the steps below:

  • To claim Deluxe Skin Pack head over to the Marketplace after starting the game.
  • Go to your Inventory, the button for it is on the top of the screen.
  • Here find the ‘Skins and Textures’ tab, and go into it.
  • You will find your Deluxe Skin Pack reward waiting for you to claim over here.

Also, there could be a chance that you already might have the reward given to you in your inventory. So, if you don’t find it there it is likely already given to you. Minecraft Legends is free with Game Pass on the Xbox platforms and PC. But, this is the normal version of the game and not the Deluxe Edition. You will need to buy the Deluxe edition to get these rewards or buy the upgrade to the Deluxe edition if you already own the normal version of Minecraft Legends.

That is all you need to know on how to claim the Deluxe Edition Skin Pack in Minecraft Legends. For more guides like this, check out our other articles on Minecraft Legends like how to get Piglin Keys and how to get rid of Golems.