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How To Claim Challenge Rewards In Diablo 4

Here's how to Claim Challenge Rewards in Diablo 4.

Wondering how to claim the rewards for completing Renown Challenges in Diablo 4? If yes, then you have just arrived at the right place. For those who don’t know, Renown is a unique in-game feature that is tied to every region on the map. The central idea behind this is to engage players in exploring the map even more. Thankfully, we can do all the exploration without getting bored as there are several challenges to complete. Once a challenge is completed, you earn precious rewards against it. That being said, here’s what you can do to claim all the challenge rewards.

How to Claim Challenge Rewards (Renown) in Diablo 4?

You can claim challenge rewards by heading to the Main Menu screen in Diablo 4. From there, click on the Claim Rewards option on the right side of the horizontal sub-section under the Menu tab. Once you click on it, you can see all the unlocked rewards that you can obtain.

How to Claim Challenge Rewards in Diablo 4?
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There are 5 levels of Renown that you can hit by earning points. Here are they:

  • 200 Renown Points
  • 500 Renown Points
  • 800 Renown Points
  • 1110 Renown Points
  • 1500 Renown Points

Reaching any of the above 5 levels will reward you with rewards like Gold, XP Points, Skill Points, etc. Hence, make sure to earn Renown so that you can claim challenge rewards.

Further, there are several ways to increase Renown that include:

  • Unlocking Waypoints
  • Clearing out Enemy Strongholds
  • Completing Side-quests
  • Discovering Hidden Areas
  • Completing Side Dungeon Activities
  • Interacting with the Altars of Lilith

Completing all the above challenges is a great way of farming XP in Diablo 4. So make sure to never avoid completing any of the above tasks.

That covers everything on how to claim the challenge rewards in Diablo 4. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Diablo 4 Guides on Gamer Tweak.