Epic Games Might Bring New Update Only For Players From China

Fortnite seems to be bringing in the new Chinese New Year by allegedly only making the new update available only for Chinese players, fortnite have already added the new costume called The Firewalker which align with the update for all the players worldwide.

Fortnite has been very responsive towards bringing newer updates to the game with the recent winter update now with the ice melting; we can prepare for the next update which is being hinted as the Chinese New Year.

Though no official word has been given by Epic Games regarding this update so take this information with a pinch of salt as any alterations can be made at the last minute, there also seem to be a hidden file about earthquakes which might give a little insight into what to expect next.

All in all it seems that the earthquake will end up separating the islands which will open up new points of interest in the game.

There’s also the rumour of bottle rockets to be introduced in the game to go with the Chinese New Year theme.