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Halo Infinite Campaign Cheats, Cheat Engine, Trainer, & Mods

All Halo Infinite cheat codes & how to use the trainer for unlimited damage, ammo, health, shield, & more.

Halo Infinite of top of of the most awaited games of this generation for many fans of the series. And to our surprise, the multiplayer element of the game was announced as a free-to-play model to everyone. And finally, we got our hands on the campaign showcasing the next big adventure of Spartan 117. Even with 10+ hours of the main story and 20+ see everything the game has to offer in a single sitting. But if you are someone trying to cut down these numbers, then using Halo Infinite Campaign Cheats, Cheat Codes, Cheat Engine, Trainer, & Mods is the way to go.

But keep in mind that a single player is considered as just a DLC for the game, as per the model, the devs designed. So Halo Infinite anti-cheat will initiate a ban for you if software manipulation is detected. So with that said here’s everything you need to know.

Halo Infinite Campaign Cheats

Initially, during the reveal of initial gameplay, many players speculated that the devs enabled Halo Infinite Campaign Cheats. This was due to many reasons like no fall damage, one-shot kills, seans where enemies shoot at you even with the health bar completely depleted, etc. You can check out this detailed video from YouTuber Generalkidd, showcasing all of these said factors:

But now the game is here, the devs have not acknowledged the availability of any official cheat support in the game nor do they have any plans to add it in the future. If any of this changes, we will update the new info in this page.

Cheat Engine, & Trainer

Halo Infinite Trainer

Note that Halo Infinite is a multiplayer base game with the campaign acting just as a DLC, within the new “free for all + paid campaign” model the devs designed. This means if you are planning to use these Halo Infinite Cheat Engine, & Trainers then there is a high chance the anti-cheat will detect you can ban from the entire game altogether. So due to that risk, we are not attaching or linking unofficial 3rd party software in this guide, which is considered illegal by Halo Infinite devs.

But for you to get a better idea of what these Halo Infinite Cheat Engine, & Trainers do, we went ahead and tested two different cheat engines and trainers with one of our game pass accounts. So here’s what extra mods and hacks you can expect for both steam and windows versions of the game:

Halo Infinite Cheat Engine

  • F1 – Activate Trainer
  • F2 – Mega Health
  • F3 – Mega Shield
  • F4 – Mega Ammo
  • F5 – Mega Clip Ammo

Halo Infinite Trainer

  • 1 Num – Super Health
  • 2 Num – Super Shield
  • 3 Num – Infinite Ammo
  • 4 Num – No Reload

By using these cheat engines, and trainers you will have the options to enable infinite health, unlimited ammo clips, and lots of shields to easily beat the campaign in just a long sitting without any trouble.

Halo Infinite Hacks & Aim Bot Mods (Auto Aim)

There are different Halo Infinite hacks and aimbot mods available for Halo Infinite out there. But we strongly suggest you stay away from any such hacks. Aim to have an enjoyable non-partial game with other Halo players. Yes, we understand the multiplayer is currently filled with cheaters, but using the same cheats is not the way to resist this. According to various forums and social media sites, many players are expecting the devs to roll out bans to all cheaters in the game. Here’s a video from YouTuber BeachDetector, showcasing ESP, hacks & aimbots in Halo Infinite multiplayer:

That’s everything you need to know about Halo Infinite Campaign Cheats, Cheat Engine, Trainer, & Mods. While you are here please make sure to go through all the useful topics we have covered in our Halo Infinite Guides.