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How To Fix The Character Glitch In Dark Alliance?

Lets take a look at how to fix the character glitch in Dark Alliance.

The Character Wipe Glitch is one of the many bugs that have riddled the launch of Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance. This bug is infamous for completely wiping out a character’s gear, abilities and levels. In this article, we will see if there is a fix this frustrating issue.

Dark Alliance Character Wipe Glitch Fix?


character wipe glitch dark alliance

The Character Wipe glitch has led to several players losing precious data because the game has automatically deleted all the character’s progress. This sudden reset has occurred without the players consent. It has resulted in the loss of everything that is specific to a character in the game, including its gear, levels and abilities.

Many players on Reddit have complained of this issue. Some frustrated gamers have even posted in-game screenshots that show evidence of this glitch. Some players have been left stunned as they have seen their level 10 players being reset to level 1 because of the glitch.


Unfortunately, there has been no known fix for the Character Wipe glitch.
Your only option will be to rebuild a character all over again if it disappears.

And while you may be tempted to delete your existing save slot. We recommend you to hold on in case there is a new patch.

You will have to wait patiently for the game’s developers to come up with a patch in future updates. The good news however, is that Tuque Games (the developer of Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance) has started releasing patches for some of their notorious glitches.


Some of their glitches include screen shakes that distract players, the inability to find pre-order bonuses. Another issue makes parties break up after a mission completes successfully. The response by Tuque Games could be an indication that an update patch for the Character Glitch is imminent.

So there you go. While the Character Wipe glitch may be frustrating, there are signs that a patch update may be on the way. We will post any updates on fixes for the Character Glitch as soon as there is any official information.

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