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V Rising: All Character Customization Options & How It Works

Wondering how much you get to customize your character in V Rising? Check out this guide to learn how character customization works.

If you like a lot of choices for Character Customization in a game then you should love V Rising. This game gives you many options to make your character look how you would like them to. No matter if you want your character to have pale green skin with long hair, or be bald and have a beard, this game has the options you want. So in this guide let us check all Character Customization options and how it works in V Rising.

How Character Customization Works in V Rising


v rising character customization
Image Credit: Tales of Lumin – Character Creation & More! on YouTube

V Rising gives you a good amount of options when it comes to creating your character. Below are all of the changes that you can do to the appearance of your character in this game:

  • Body Type
    • Male (Shown by an upside-down triangle)
    • Female (Shown by an hourglass)
  • Skin Tone
    • The game allows you to set your skin tone as one of the different shades for these colors.
      • Pink
      • Red
      • Orange
      • Brown
      • Yellow
      • Green
      • Cyan
      • Blue
      • Indigo
      • Violet
      • Lavender
  • Face
    • V Rising gives you 13 options for your character’s face.
  • Hair Style
    • It gives you 27 options for your character’s hairstyle.
  • Hair Color
    • The game gives you almost the same number of hair color options as it gives for skin tone, with the addition of shades of Black color.
  • Features
    • In terms of features, the game gives you 5 different beard options. And yes, you can also add a beard to your female character.
  • Accessories
    • For Accessories, the game gives you 8 choices. These accessories include 6 different earrings and 2 sunglasses.
  • Character name
    • You get to change the name of your character.


Since these many options can be a bit daunting so the game gives you a Randomize button. The best part about it is each customization option has a Lock in Radio button. So for example if you lock in the black color for your character’s hair and click on Randomize. Every other option that does not have Lock in selected will get randomized. There is also a small button beside your character name that randomly generates character names for you.

In case you start the game and then feel like changing the appearance of your character, then the game allows you to do that. You can customize your character later in the game by adding a Gothic Mirror to your Castle.

That covers everything you should know about all character customization options in V Rising and how it works. I urge you to check our V Rising section, if you need more help with this game, as we have many other topics covered there.