Among Us Character Guide (Crewmates & Imposter Explained)

Who are the Among Us characters and what are their roles? Do the colors of the characters make a difference? Here's everything you need to know.

Among Us characters went viral as soon as the game did, primarily because of their design. In no time, memes were made and players were called sus if they were the impostors among crewmates. If you are new to the game or simply want to know more about the characters, this guide will give you the overview you are looking for.

Among Us Character Guide

among us colors roles

There are 18 Among Us characters and each one has a different color. These are the colors that plaeyrs can choose from:

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Pink
  5. Orange
  6. Yellow
  7. Black
  8. White
  9. Purple
  10. Brown
  11. Cyan
  12. Lime
  13. Maroon
  14. Rose
  15. Banana
  16. Gray
  17. Tan
  18. Coral

When you join a lobby, you have some time to choose a color from the options available. If a color is already taken, you get fewer choices so make sure to jump into the Wardrobe section as soon as you appear.

What are the characters of Among Us called?

They are called crewmates and one (or more of them) may be the impostors in the game.

Do the Among Us Crewmates have names?

You can set any name for yourself and that name will show up above your character in-game.

What is the killer called in Among Us?

The killer is called an imposter.

How to Change Name in Among Us

how to change among us name

  • Go to the home screen of the game.
  • Click on Account at the top left corner of the screen.
  • On the pop-up, click on Change Name.
  • Confirm the new name that you want.
  • If you are confused and want some ideas, click on the randomizer icon right next to it.

Who are the imposter characters in Among Us?

There are various game options and depending on what you choose, there can be one impostor, two, or even three in one game. The impostors will be picked randomly, so if you are assigned to be one, you will be notified right at the beginning of the game. That way you can decide how you are planning to fool your co-players and kill them sneakily without raising any suspicions about yourself.

Does your Color affect Gameplay?

No, there are no special abilities or powers your character gets upon choosing a particular color. It’s a purely cosmetic change that only determines your appearance during that specific game.

What are the Hats?

The Hats that your character dons in the game are also just for appearance. They don’t change up your role or any abilities. It’s simply the aesthetic you choose – do you want to look like a cute fruit or do you want to look like a villain? It’s totally your choice!

Who are these Characters?

The background of these characters is simple. They are humanoids with no arms and they wear spacesuits. Their job is to complete various tasks in the area they are in including Electric tasks, Oxygen related tasks, and much more. Once an imposter ends up killing a crewmate, the player getting killed will see a killing animation. The animations can differ from time to time, there are multiple versions available.

The Imposters are basically aliens disguised as normal humanoids. They have special abilities such as being able to sabotage certain areas and seeing better in the dark. Most importantly, they are hell-bent on killing the crewmates. They are smart, strategic and manipulative because they can frame innocents and make everyone else vote them out. Plus, they pretend to do tasks to blend in better but their work never adds to the actual completion of the tasks. They can also sneak through vents and close doors to create alibis.

among us characters killing animation

Character Height

As per the Submit Scan task, the characters are 3’6″ tall.

Among Us Funny Name Ideas

You can set your own unique or funny Among Us name for every match. Here’s a quick guide on how to change your name that you might want to check out. You can edit your name before starting a match only. Once it’s set and you’re in a game, that’s what you use for the duration of the game.

How to Draw Among Us Character?

All you have to do is follow this tutorial:

That’s everything about every Among Us character that you need to know to get started. Love the game already? Don’t forget to read our Among Us guides jam-packed with secret tips and tricks.