Apex Legends Might Introduce Chappie To Apex Legends

Neil Blomkamp is not a stranger to the video game industry, he has worked with a couple of gaming companies to develop spin-offs live-action films of Halo and recently made a short film for Anthem. When Apex Legends was released a lot of people took it and it also broke the streaming record on Twitch and the community kept getting larger people started talking and one particular thing popped out collectively that the game could be a perfect environment to have the character Chappie from the self-titled film could be a perfect fit.

As this spew out and word got around, fans were delighted when Chappie film director Neil Blomkamp spoke in support of this request by the community and the tweet spread-out like wildfire.

Fans were then again sent into a frenzy when Respawn boss Vince Zampella replied

Seeing this we can be sure that Chappie has a good chance of being added to the roster in the game which could introduce a larger audience to the game. This is good on both parties as fans and developers seem to be having a two-way quick response conversation which will help the developers resolve any matters and let users enjoy the game without any hitch.

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Apex Legends is available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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