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How To Change Nickname & Rename Pokemon In Scarlet & Violet

Here's how to change the Nickname in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

The region of Paldea is very huge when it comes to exploration and catching Pokemons. There are over a hundred varieties of Pokemons available for you to catch. Getting the first-hand experience of being a Trainer who takes care of a team of adorable and strong Pokemons is really precious. Moreover, it is possible to interact with the Pokemons outside of the battlefield while performing some necessary actions. It includes Breeding and Washing them. Apart from this, it is possible to rename your Pokemon & keep it to your desired one. If you are one of those players looking to do so, then this article is all you need. Check out this guide that features the steps to change the Nickname in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.


How to Change Nicknames in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

How To Change Nickname In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Image Source – MonkeyKingHero (YouTube)

Before we move further into the topic, make sure that the nickname you enter is appropriate. This is because using an inappropriate nickname will result in a ban. Although, here’s how to change the nickname in this game:

  • While in the game, press the X button on your controller to open the Menu.
  • Further, press the A button to select your current Pokemon and highlight it.
  • Now, click on Check Summary and press the X button to Change the Nickname in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.
  • Enter your desired name and press Ok to rename the Pokemon.

Also, note that you can only change the name of the Pokemon in your team. That means that all the Pokemons in your Boxes can’t be renamed until you move any of them to your team. Additionally, it is not possible to rename a Pokemon you’ve obtained via trading and was already given a nickname. However, you can rename it only once if the traded Pokemon wasn’t given a nickname by its previous trainer. Last but not the least, the nicknames of all the Pokemons obtained from Mystery Boxes can not be changed in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

That’s all covered for changing the nickname in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our other Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides on Gamer Tweak.