How To Change Camera View In GTA San Andreas On Android And iPhone

Here is how you can easily change your camera view and adjust it according to your liking in GTA San Andreas on Netflix.

Along with Google Play and App Store, GTA San Andreas is now available on the Netflix mobile app as well. This means GTA fans can access all the features with just a few swipes on their mobile phones. However, some players are trying to figure out some of the basic mechanics like how can they change the camera view while walking around and driving.

Since the option to do this is pretty straightforward while using a controller, learning how you adjust your view according to your preference becomes a big task. Therefore, here is a guide that will help you understand how you can fit the camera angle to your liking while exploring this eventful city.

How to Change Camera View in GTA San Andreas Netflix

How To Change Camera View In GTA San Andreas on Android And iPhone
Image Source – Netflix on YouTube

Since your device is touchscreen, there will be no designated button to use and adjust this game mechanic. However, to check where CJ currently is or to look around the area, simply use two fingers to zoom out on the screen. In case you want to look at something closely, zoom into your screen using two fingers. This process can be followed while walking and driving around San Andreas as well.

This function is easy to use as this is how you would normally zoom in and out while looking at a picture on your touchscreen device. If you want CJ to turn around, you will have to click and hold that particular area behind him and once you do this, he will look behind.

Although changing the position of your camera is quite simple in theory, using it while playing can be difficult, especially, if you have been playing this game with a controller. However, after practicing it a few times, you will be able to use it and immediately adjust your camera angle to look at your surrounding area.

We have covered everything you need to know about how you can change your camera view in GTA San Andreas on Netflix. Additionally, if you are looking to get boosts in the game, make sure to browse through our guide on GTA San Andreas Cheats, available here on Gamer Tweak.