Eastward: Octopia Fishing Guide

Not sure how to catch a Fish in Eastward Octopia? Here’s what you need to catch them easily.

Eastward’s Octopia DLC is out now but the goal of the game, which is to survive, still remains the same. Cooking is one of the various aspects of this title that you can not neglect. While most cooking resources or ingredients are easily found in the environment, catching a fish is actually perplexing at first. But don’t worry, as we are here to help you through it.

In this guide, we will explain how you can catch a Fish in Eastward: Octopia in the easiest way possible. So if you want to catch a Snapper, this is the right time to get started.

How to Catch a Fish in Eastward Octopia

Once you have obtained the Fishing Rod lying on the ground underneath your farm, go to any nearby lake or river to start fishing. Once you are there, use these steps to catch a fish:

  • After reaching the waterbody, you will get the prompt to start the fishing activity. Upon starting the activity, a screen with a water circle will appear on the screen. That circle represents the waterbody.
  • Inside the circle, there will be multiple fishes swimming in a circular pattern. The fish can be of any color like white or red, the color represents the rarity of the fish.
How to Catch a Fish in Eastward Octopia
Following the Path of the Fish. Image Credits to Lockleth
  • Once you start seeing fish inside the water, track in which direction it is swimming. Then, select a Bobber and place it on the path of the fish.
How to Catch a Fish in Eastward Octopia
Press the Fish/Reel In Button once the Fish reached the Bobber
  • Now, press the Fish/Reel In button (D-pad or Space) once the fish approaches the Bobber. Make sure not to move your Bobber as it can scare away the fish.
How to Catch a Fish in Eastward Octopia
Catching a Fish and Trying to Reel In
  • If successful, a line will start following the fish. On that line, you can move your Bobber to follow the fish. Press the Fish/Reel In button again to start pulling the fish towards yourself. You will have to do it twice to catch a Fish in Eastward Octopia.

See, it’s not that difficult to catch a fish. Follow the above steps to accumulate plenty of them in your Inventory. One more thing, you can either cook food with the Fish or sell it at William’s Shop for some money. It is up to you what you want to do with it.

Eastward Octopia Baits Explained – How Does it Work?

After practicing the art of catching a Fish in Eastward Octopia, you can easily empty a Pond. This means, that to catch more of them, you will have to go to another waterbody. However, if you have a Bait, you can refresh the emptied Pond and bring back fishes in it. You heard it, a Bait does not help you catch fish easily but reset a Pond, River, or Lake.

You can purchase a Bait from William’s shop after spending 40 Salts. But keep in mind that the Bait exhausts after a single use. So you will have to purchase it again for next time.

That’s all you can do to catch Fish in Eastward Octopia. For more content like this, feel free to browse through our website and check out our other Game Guides.