Where Is The Cat Throne Room In Pet Simulator X?

Here's a quick guide on how to get to the Cat Throne Room in Pet Simulator X.

Fans were excited to see a new update to the Roblox classic Pet Simulator X. The quirky game where you can collect pets now has a hardcore mode that holds a secret room that players can unlock. Along with that, mysterious secret doors have also appeared in the original worlds too. There are so many new things you can now do in the game and we want you to unlock all the perks you can. So here is a quick guide on how to unlock the Cat Throne Room in Pet Simulator X

How to Get to the Cat Throne Room in Pet Simulator X

how to get to the cat throne room in pet simulator x

The Cat Throne Room is a secret room the developers have added for players to get their hands on some exclusive pets. To get to the throne room you’ll first have to make your way to Cat World. Click on the teleport button on the left of your screen. Now scroll your way down to Tech World and enter the Hacker Portal. This area has a huge portal that you need to enter. Complete the three challenges to enter through the portal to get to the Void. Once you’re in the Void go up the yellow bridge marked no.3, this will take you to the Cat World Cannon. Press E to use the Cannon and travel to the Cat World.

Now that you are in the Cat World you can first grind out all the chests you see. Now make your way to the waterfall hiding on the side next to the big chest. Walking through it should reveal a locked door, this is the entrance to the Cat Throne Room. You need to have 7.5 Trillion Rainbow Coins to open the door. Now that might seem like a lot but what’s inside might just be worth the cost. Once you’re in you can crack open an all-new Royal Egg which will cost you 5.53 Billion Rainbow Coins. Open the Egg to get two Huge Pets, The Red and Green Balloon Cats. The main mystery of the room stands in the middle, the Giant Golden Chest. Start breaking it to earn coins and unlock the secret inside.

That’s all we have on how to get to the Cat Throne Room in Pet Simulator X. Check out our guide on How to unlock Huge Inferno Dominus and other game guides right here on Gamer Tweak.