How To Get All Cat Shines In Bowser’s Fury Pipe Path Tower

Follow this guide to get the Cat Shines in Bowser's Fury Pipe Path Tower.

Pipe Path Island is the last island you will travel to in Bowser’s Fury. This island has a cluster of pipes you can travel through to complete your objectives. They are pretty easy to navigate through and actually help make this level easier. Follow the steps in this guide to get all Cat Shines in Bowser’s Fury Pipe Path Tower.

How To Get Shines in Pipe Path Tower

Bowser’s Fury has you exploring different environments and Pipe Path Tower is one of them. To get the lighthouse to shine you will have to complete a set of missions. We guide you through the process below.

Make The Lighthouse Shine

Make lighthouse shine in pipe path tower

Once you go through the gate you have to enter the pipes and come out of the first exit. Now you will have to jump up onto another platform and enter the second section. Once again exit this section. Now you will come onto a big maze of pipes. At the end of this section is a cannon that will shoot you out to the Cat Shine Platform.

Blue Coin Bustle

how to complete Blue Coin bustle Pipe Path Tower

You have to re-enter the gate and pound the blue button in front of the pipes. The objective of this game is just to collect the Blue Coins in the fastest way possible. You can do a few runs to streamline your method.

Blast The Fury Blocks

Blast the fury blocks in Pipe Path Tower

On the left side of the main structure, you will find the Fury Blocks. You will need Bowser to enter his Fury Mode and blast fire in your direction to open the Fury Blocks. Behind them is placed another Cat Shine.

Key To The Cat Shine

Key to the cat shine in Pipe Path Tower

For this, you will have to walk on top of the pipes. You will find the key in the third section of the pipes that form many squares. Once you have it you have to pick it up and run over the pipes again to reach the gate. Here a cage is placed which will open when the key is inserted. Inside is a Cat Shine.

Find The Five Cat Shine Shards

Five cat shine shards Pipe Path Tower

  1. The first one is easy to find. Follow the clear pipe and you will come across an exit with the Shard at the end of it.
  2. Once you are in the second section of the pipes you just have to look around a bit for the second shard.
  3. The third is located at the back of the building complex with the pipes that have an exit in the center.
  4. Reach the mini squares section of the pipe next. There is an opening at the end where the Cat Shine Shard is located.
  5. Reach the top of the tower and enter the pipes. Destroy the obstructions in your path and the exit leads to the last shard.

This is everything you need to know about the Pipe Path Tower Cat Shines in Bowser’s Fury. You can also have a look at How to play multiplayer or How to change outfits.