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Best Characters Tier List In Castle Crashers – Every Character Ranked

Find all the best characters in Castle Crashers in this tier list.

Looking for a tier list that features all of the best Campaign mode characters in Castle Crashers? Well, you need not look anymore. In this article, we will rank all of the characters from this game from tiers S to D. Here, tier S features the best characters, and tier D features the worst and least-recommended characters from the game. With the help of this tier list, you will be able to determine which characters are the best to pick the next time you play Castle Crashers.

Castle Crashers Best Campaign Characters Tier List


S Tier in Castle Crashers

As we mentioned earlier, the S tier in this list features the best characters from the Castle Crashers Campaign mode. These characters offer the best splash magic along with high DPS. The characters from this tier offer you the best assistance when you need it the most, making them extremely reliable and fun to have.

S Fencer/Industrialist 299
S Blue Knight 280
S Fire Demon 260
S Orange Knight 259

A Tier

The A tier in this Castle Crashers list features characters that are quite amazing. These characters only have a few flaws, because of which they narrowly miss out on getting into the S tier. With that being said, you simply cannot underestimate the potential of these characters, and what they can offer in the game’s Campaign mode.

A Iceskimo 247
A Red Knight 242
A Ninja 194
A Brute/Snakey 187
A Necromancer 184

B Tier

You can consider the characters in the B tier to be somewhere in the middle of this Castle Crashers. They are neither very special nor are they too bad. You can get decent results whenever you use them.

B Bear 169
B Royal Guard/Conehead 168
B Skeleton/Cultist 157
B Saracen 156
B Gray Knight 155

C Tier

C-tier characters are a little below average in Castle Crashers. They do not offer much to write home about, and you should only use them if you plan on upgrading quickly.

C Pink Knight 116
C Barbarian 112
C Peasant/Civilian/Stoveface/Open-Faced Gray Knight/Thief 92
C Blacksmith 83
C King 70

D Tier

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, the D-tier characters in Castle Crashers are the ones we least recommend. They do not offer much assistance, and lack in most of the important statistics. These are characters that you should preferably avoid as much as possible.

D Alien 63
D Hatty 50
D Beekeeper 32
D Green Knight 13

So there you have it. These are all of the characters in Castle Crashers, ranked from tiers S to D. As you can see, you can use this list to help choose the right character the next time you play the game.

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