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How To Cast Cleric Spells In Dark & Darker

Here's a guide about the Cleric Spells in Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker is an extraction game wherein high rewards are promised against high risks. While you will be battling all kinds of creatures that once used to haunt you, it is important for you to enter the dungeon well-prepared. Each Class is inspired by characters from different genres such as Rogue, Barbarian, Ranger, Fighter, Wizard, and last but not least, Cleric. The Wizard and Cleric are two of the most special classes as they hold the ability to cast magical spells. As the steps to use mystic sorcery are straightforward, it is not that simple for Clerics. Hence, check out this guide that features the steps to cast Cleric Spells in Dark & Darker.

Cleric Spells in Dark and Darker (Explained)

Cleric Spells In Dark And Darker

As we already know, Wizards can cast Spells only if they have been equipped with a Staff. However, a Cleric can cast spells with both, a Staff and with a Magic Book. So before moving any further, just make sure that your Cleric character has equipped either a Magic Staff or a Magic Book. Once you have one of those, you can cast Cleric Spells in Dark & Darker.

Further, make sure that you have assigned Spell Memory Ability in one of the Ability Slots. For those who don’t know, Spell Memory is where you can store the spells before embarking on an adventure. Although to store a Spell in the Spell Memory, you will have to spend Knowledge. You have 12 Knowledge points by default at the beginning of the game. One can gain more Knowledge points and eventually increase the Spell Memory capacity as you progress further in the game.

It is possible to carry 5 Spells at a time in the Spell Memory. After that, equip Cleric Spells to the Spell Memory and enter a game. Now, you should use the dedicated key that lets you Cast Spells. Press and hold it to open the Spell Wheel so you can select any one Spell. Move the cursor to select any of the Cleric Spells and cast it in Dark and Darker.

All Cleric Spells

Given below is a list of Cleric Spells that you can equip and cast in Dark and Darker.

  • Tier 1
    • Bless: Spell Cost 1
    • Protection: Spell Cost 1
  • Tier 2
    • Cleanse: Spell Cost 2
    • Divine Strike: Spell Cost 2
  • Tier 3
    • Bind: Spell Cost 3
  • Tier 4
    • Lesser Heal: Spell Cost 4
  • Tier 5
    • Heal Light: Spell Cost 5
  • Tier 8
    • Resurrection: Spell Cost 8

These are the Cleric Spells that you can cast in Dark and Darker. As mentioned above, you can only equip 5 Spells in the Spell Memory Priority. But, you can carry more spells if you allot one more slot to the Spell Memory in the Perk & Skill section. Also, keep in mind that if you add Spells after exhausting the Knowledge points, then you won’t be able to use them. So, it is important to allot Spells by keeping an eye on the Knowledge points they cost.

That’s everything covered on how to cast the Cleric Spell in Dark and Darker. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Dark and Darker guides on Gamer Tweak.