Carrion: How To Easily Get Past Lasers

Stuck in an area and cannot get past the lasers? Here are the simple steps to move past the lasers in Carrion easily.

Carrion is called a reverse-horror game and rightly so. You take on the role of a grotesque monster having a single mission – move through a facility and kill anyone that dares to block your way. It is an awesome feeling to play as the red, amorphous mass of flesh and just destroy everything in your path. During your journey, though, you will encounter laser traps and you will need some tips to move past them. So, here’s a guide on how to easily get past lasers in Carrion.

How to Get Past Lasers in Carrion

The lasers in Carrion are not damaging to your monster but they will get triggered when you pass through them, thereby closing a door that’s nearby. But don’t worry, follow these steps to easily continue your progress.

Become Invisible to Move Past Lasers

The invisibility skill is absolutely crucial to ‘fool’ the proximity lasers. You will get this powerup as you progress so get it when you have the opportunity (it will be in a flask). Without it, you cannot move ahead.

Charge the Power

Using the invisibility skill needs some energy that you can gain from power boxes. Simply grab them and give the full charge to your monster. Your energy meter will be shown on the bottom left corner of the screen so keep an eye there and charge yourself.

Time to become Small

Shrink to a smaller size by getting into a red pool and losing your body mass. This is essential because the invisibility needs the monster to be at the smallest possible size. Note that when the monster becomes small, it becomes weaker too, so be careful.

In conclusion, the steps involve gaining energy, becoming small and invisible. Then, get past the lasers as fast as you can. For more such tips on the latest games, read our video game guides on GamerTweak.