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Elden Ring Can’t Summon Spirits Fix

Can't summon spirits in a boss fight in Elden Ring? Check out this guide for the fix.

Imagine you are in a boss fight in Elden Ring and can’t summon spirits? This is the problem many players are facing in this game. Spirit Ashes are a very important aspect of the game that allows you to summon help in a boss fight without relying on other players. While you can summon random strangers online but you might just want to get things done alone. It becomes a problem when you can’t use your favorite spirits in such a scenario. So let us quickly take a look at the fix to use when you can’t summon spirits in Elden Ring.

How to Fix Can’t Summon Spirits in Elden Ring


how to fix can't summon spirits in elden ring

There are different reasons why you might be unable to summons spirits in Elden Ring. Let us check out all of them and their fixes.

  • Insufficient FP: Having insufficient FP will prevent you from summoning certain spirits. You can refill your FP bar by using the flask of Cerulean Tears. If you can’t summon a spirit even with a full FP bar, you need to level up your Mind stat. This will grant you more FP and you should be able to summon a spirit of your choice.
  • The area doesn’t allow spirit summoning: This is another reason that is quite easy to miss. If you are at an area where you can’t summon spirits then they will be greyed out from the start. The area where you can summon spirits will have a grey slate icon on the left side of your screen. Once you are in such a room where the icon shows up you will be able to freely summon a spirit of your choice. The most common area where you can summon spirits is during boss fights.
  • Already summoned a spirit: Considering the most basic scenario here. You can’t summon multiple spirits at the same time. So if you have already summoned a spirit and might be trying to summon another while the previous one is present. It will let you recall the spirit but won’t allow you to summon another spirit. Also in a fight, you can only summon one spirit so even if your previous spirit is dead and you are trying to summon a new one that won’t be possible.
  • You didn’t get the Spirit calling bell: This is the item or tool that is required when you want to summon spirits. If you don’t have this item you will not be able to summon any spirit no matter how many spirit ashes you have. Luckily you can get the Spirit calling bell by fast traveling to Church of Elleh after talking to Melina. Once you arrive at the site of grace you will see a new NPC here, a witch called Renna. She will give you the Spirit calling bell and the Lone Wolf Ashes.


That covers everything you should know about how to fix can’t summon spirits in Elden Ring. Since you now have the spirit summoning fixed check our best spirit ashes tier list. Also, learn how to upgrade Spirit Ashes.