Can You Trade In Outriders?

Can you trade in Outriders? Is this option or feature available in the game where you can drop items or trade with friends? Find out here.

Your journey in Outriders relies heavily on the type of weapons and build you have. Enemies get more and more dangerous as you progress and that’s why you need to have the best weapons and armor in your arsenal. This brings us to a question: Can you trade in Outriders? Moreover, can you drop items that your friends or other players can pick up? Find out if this is possible in the game.

Can you Trade with Other Players in Outriders?

outriders trading items option

There is no option to trade items in Outriders. So, if your friend has a weapon that you want, you cannot trade with them nor can you share loot. You have to focus on your own looting and shooting tasks to get new weapons and armor. You cannot also drop items that other players can collect. This is a conscious decision from the developers and not an oversight.

Most likely, this is due to the fact that when you trade items with other players, it can change the end game and game economy quite a bit. Some games had added it before they removed it in an update due to the chaos it created. Some have executed this feature in the form of item dropping but have added a time restriction related to it.

Will you miss this feature in Outriders? Not really. There’s a lot of loot constantly dropping and you won’t feel like you need something another player already has. Simply keep playing and you will get your hands on some legendary and epic gear soon enough.

So, that’s the answer for your question – can you trade items in Outriders with other players? We are not sure if this feature will be added in the future but all the signs are pointing towards no.

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