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Can You Sell Fortnite Skins? (Answered)

Here's an answer to players' most frequently asked question.

Since gaining popularity due to its numerous unique items, skins, and emotes, Fortnite has always been a game for collectors. Over the years many players have wondered if they can sell Fortnite skins in return for V-bucks or trade them with other players. Let’s take a look at the answer to this frequently asked question.

Can you Sell Fortnite Skins?

sell Fortnite skins

As of this moment, there is no official way to sell or trade your skins with other players available in Fortnite. There are a handful of sites that advertise the selling of skins to other players. We’ll remind you that these are third-party sites and not officially part of Epic Games, so use them at your own risk.

Refund Policy

Players who are looking to return some skins will be glad to hear that Epic has a refund policy in Fortnite. Every account has a maximum of 3 return tickets which you can use to return items purchased from the item shop.

Once used the ticket will be permanently removed from your account along with the items selected for refund and the equivalent number of V-bucks will be credited to your account.
Note: that this can only be done with items purchased in the last 30 days. Below is a list of items that you can’t return once bought.

  • Level Up quest packs
  • Real-money purchases
  • Battle pass and its tiers

While each account is granted a maximum of 3 tickets, Epic gifts account with 2 or fewer tickets left an additional one ticket every year since the last used ticket.

While not a feature of the game currently, Epic is missing out on the Selling and trading market that can be possible on Fortnite. Since Rocket League (also owned by Epic Games) recently started a trading market, it is a question of when rather than if Fortnite will join the party.

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