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Will There Be Patronus In Hogwarts Legacy?

The Patronus can drive away Dementors in Harry Potter.

The Patronus charm is quite complex to master in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. It is advanced magic that can be used by casting the Expecto Patronum spell which requires the caster to focus on their happiest memories. Each Patronus takes the of an animal unique to the caster. Fans of Harry Potter are hoping to see the Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy.

Will their wishes be fulfilled? Find out in the article below.

Hogwarts Legacy: Can You Conjure A Patronus?


For now, there has not been any confirmation that Hogwarts Legacy will have the Patronus make an appearance. However, the official reveal trailer for the game did include Dementors. As you may know, the Patronus charm is used to ward off Dementors. In fact, that is the only defense witches or wizards have against these dark creatures. It is not unreasonable to assume that you might get to use the Patronus charm against these creatures. So unless the game has undergone some major changes since the reveal trailer, we might get to see Dementors and the Patronus charm in the game.

Can You Transfer Your Harry Potter Fan Club Patronus To Hogwarts Legacy?

There is a lot of cool stuff that you can do over at the Harry Potter Fan Club. You can get your own wand and Hogwarts house. Moreover, you can also get your very own unique Patronus through the site. There are over 142 different Patronus that you can get based on the results of your Patronus quiz.

However, it is not possible for players to transfer their Harry Potter Fan Club Patronus to Hogwarts Legacy. They can do this for their wand and their Hogwarts house but not their Patronus. This has been confirmed by the official Portkey Games Support page. Since it would be a huge undertaking to transfer 142 types of Patronus to the game, the developers have decided to nix this option.

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