How To Get The Snake Shot Akimbo Revolver In Call Of Duty Modern Warfare/ Warzone?

The most lethal perks combined with the ideal attachments make this revolver a killing machine

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare/Warzone allows you to equip 2 pistols at a time, and people are using this feature to dual-wield the Snake Shot Akimbo revolvers to their benefit. This proves as a massively powerful close-range killer. When equipped with the correct attachments, it is no less than an ideal shotgun, pumping .357 caliber rounds in your enemy.

The Snake Shot is an attachment for .357 guns which exponentially increase their firepower, rendering your enemies dead in just one or two shots. Using the dual-wield perks of Warfare/Warzone gamers all over the COD community are experimenting with new revolvers, and as of now the Snake Shot Akimbo is the deadliest matchup.

How can you get the Snake Shot Akimbo in COD?

The Akimbo is a fairly common .357 revolver in the game. You can most certainly find it anytime, anywhere in the game. But upgrading it from a dull Akimbo to a Snake Shot Akimbo takes some patience. Here is how you can do it for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

  • Reach level 34 using the .357 revolver. Note this, it’s going to take some heavy grinding on the .357 revolver reaching this level.
  • You can now unlock the Recon Perk upon reaching level 34.
  • Equip your .357 revolver with the Recon Perk.
  • This unlocks the .357 Akimbo.
  • To unlock Snake Shot, reach level 29 using the .357.
  • Using this new combination, get 3 or more kills in 5 games each to unlock the Snake Shot Akimbo.

Call Of Duty Warzone is pretty toned down when it comes to unlocking the Snake Shot –

  • Simply keep an eye out for loadout crates that are spawned randomly, all over the map.
  • You can also buy these supply crates for 8,500 – 10,000 in-game cash.
  • You can find the Snake Shot loadout in these crates.

How to level up faster with .357 revolver?

Undeniably, a strenuous task and yet thousands of gamers are doing it to get their hands on the Snake Shot equipped Akimbo. But we have a faster trick for this as well –

  • Use a weapon XP boost before entering a match.
  • Play in Shoot The Ship playlist of the multiplayer mode in Warfare.
  • Being a close-ranged shooting mode, you can ensure heavy grinding of your .357 as well as substantial amounts of kills in less amount of time.

What are the best attachments and load-outs for Akimbo in COD?

These are the most effective attachments and load-outs for an otherwise weak revolver, the Akimbo-

  • Optic – None
  • Muzzle – None
  • Perk – Akimbo
  • Ammunition – Snake Shot
  • Laser – 5mW Laser
  • Barrel – .357 Long
  • Rear Grip – Akimbo Block Grip
  • Trigger Action – Match Grade Trigger

Being a close-range shooter, the akimbo revolvers require no optic attachments. Also, there is no need for a muzzle to tone down your shots. The laser will help you take accurate hip and headshots. The long .357 barrel increases the firepower of the Akimbo.

Considering the amount of recoil the gun generates, the rear Block grip is perfect to decrease recoil time of the gun. The Match Grade is a soft-touch trigger which drastically increases your rate of firing. Now that you are equipped with the 2 Snake Shot Akimbos, you are a close-range killing machine as well as a formidable foe to your enemies.