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Call of Duty: Vanguard & Warzone – Mercenaries of Fortune Battle Pass and Bundles Breakdown

Captain Butcher and two free functional weapons highlight 100 Tiers of content in the Mercenaries of Fortune Battle Pass – see what's in store for the new season

In Mercenaries of Fortune, the fourth season of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone arriving June 23, only the most capable Operators stand to come out on top. And to do that, they need the right tools for the job.

This is the Mercenaries of Fortune Battle Pass, featuring 100 Tiers of new content and two dozen free items throughout:

  • Two New Free Functional Weapons. Wield Vanguard’s first Akimbo-capable SMG with the Marco 5 and support your team with suppressive fire using the UGM-8. Each offers its own advantages along with a wealth of customization via Gunsmith.
  • 25 Free Items, Including Weapon Blueprints, Charms, and Calling Cards. Gear up with new items including the Legendary Weapon Blueprints “Shallow End” and “Crystal Cut,” plus equitable Charms like “Cosmic Discus” and “Mr Inspector.” Highlight your Player Profile with the animated Calling Cards “Within the Storm” and “Ashes of Dust.” Earn these and more, just by playing.
  • Skip Double-Digit Tiers with the Battle Pass Bundle. Purchase the Battle Pass Bundle to immediately skip ahead Tiers, unlocking a quarter of the Battle Pass while providing full access to all 100 Tiers plus a Bundle-exclusive Legendary Captain Butcher Operator Skin.
  • 1,300 Total COD Points. Get 300 free COD Points within the Battle Pass System, plus 1,000 more to unlock across the full Battle Pass.

Recruit Carver Butcher, Instantly Unlock Additional Rewards with Battle Pass Purchase

Call of Duty Battle Pass

Purchase the Mercenaries of Fortune Battle Pass to instantly unlock these Tier 0 rewards:

New Operator — Carver Butcher

A man of many talents, the inimitable Captain Butcher served in the British Army during Operation Devon. There he witnessed resistance fighters in action, inspiring him to found and recruit his own Special Operations Task Force. The rest, as they say, is history.

Purchase the Battle Pass to instantly unlock Carver Butcher’s Legendary “Finalizer” Operator Skin. Equip his favoured weapon, the new Marco 5, and level him up to unlock massive XP bonuses, new Operator Skins, and more.

Daniel Skin, Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint, XP Boosts

Call of Duty Battle Pass

  • Legendary “Vampiric” Daniel Operator Skin: Strike from the shadows and chill them to the bone in Daniel’s black and red-trimmed skin sporting a modern vampire aesthetic.
  • Legendary “Solar Array” Assault Rifle Blueprint: Instantly unlock this orange and white Legendary Assault Rifle Fox Blueprint, sporting ten attachments revolving around a silenced, incendiary playstyle.
  • Seasonal XP Boost: Benefit from a season-long 10% XP boost on your route toward Prestige Master. This boost stacks on top of others, including the 10% Warzone XP boost for Vanguard owners and other boosts from tokens and favoured weapons.
  • 45-Minute Double XP Token: Blast ahead in Player XP, doubling your gain on top of the seasonal 10% XP Boost.

Battle Pass Bundle Exclusive: Legendary Type Face Butcher

Call of Duty Battle Pass

Purchase the Mercenaries of Fortune Battle Pass Bundle to gain access to all 100 Tiers, skip ahead Tiers and unlock an exclusive Legendary Operator Skin for Captain Butcher.

Bring some science fiction flair to your matches with this glowing emoji masked Operator Skin.

Two Free Functional Weapons — Marco 5 and UGM-8

Call of Duty Battle Pass

Expand your Loadout options with two new Battle Pass weapons. Unlock the Marco 5 SMG at Tier 15 and the UGM-8 LMG at Tier 31.

Marco 5: SMG (Tier 15 of Battle Pass System)

Call of Duty Battle Pass

“A high mobility submachine gun, accurate from the hip with excellent close-range stopping power.”

Mobility is king when using the Marco 5, an SMG perfectly tailored to the hip-firing slayer. As such, it is Captain Butcher’s preferred weapon, noted for its excellent capabilities in close-quarters combat.

The options really open up after gaining some weapon levels, letting you adjust for mid-range capabilities with a barrel that adds a burst fire toggle or lean into the weapon’s natural configuration as a hip blaster. Most notable for the latter category is the Marco 5’s Akimbo Proficiency, allowing you to wield two of these bad boys in exchange for losing the ability to aim down sight. You won’t miss it.

For those who prefer running straight into danger and enjoy circling their foes, the Marco 5 will take you far.

UGM-8 (Tier 31 of Battle Pass System)

Call of Duty Battle Pass

“High fire rate, mobile LMG that excels at creating suppressing fire and pushing enemy positions.”

The UGM-8 combines mobility and power in an LMG that’s ideal for suppressing enemy Operators whether you’re attacking a fortified position or defending an important objective.

Using Gunsmith, you can equip smaller calibre rounds to further boost the UGM-8’s high fire rate or opt instead to favour damage over speed via larger calibre rounds. Various barrels offer options such as improved control and stability or improved mobility. Your overall decisions will determine whether the UGM-8 remains a fast-paced LMG or takes on a more traditional heavy yet powerful build.

New Weapon Blueprints and Operator Skins

You’ll need the best equipment to win this fight. The Mercenaries of Fortune Battle Pass features plentiful Weapon Blueprints for every style of play. Here are some of our favourites:

Call of Duty Battle Pass

Epic “Cybernetic Rifle” SMG Blueprint (Tier 5): This all-metal tactical Blueprint gives you early access to the new SMG with an attachment set geared toward mid-range play.

Call of Duty Battle Pass

Legendary “Beach Coral” LMG Blueprint (Tier 24): Suppress whole squads and undead mobs with this groovy Blueprint featuring a wooden foregrip and waving ren lines over white.

Call of Duty Battle Pass

Rare “Emerald Coast” SMG Blueprint (Tier 42): A perfect Blueprint for the new Offensive Multiplayer map, where its qualities of stealth and power make quick work of enemy Operators vying for control of the centre.

Call of Duty Battle Pass

Legendary “Starred Diplomat” Assault Rifle Blueprint (Tier 85): Make ice-cold work of your enemies using this frost-chiselled Blueprint that pairs perfectly with Daniel’s Tier 0 “Vampiric” Operator Skin.

Call of Duty Battle Pass

Legendary “Imperative” LMG Blueprint (Tier 95): This gilded LMG has seen plenty of action and will be indispensable in the fight for gold. An invaluable tool for defending your position in Warzone.

Call of Duty Battle Pass

The Battle Pass also features a new Operator Skin every 10 Tiers, including “Town Runner” Beatrice at Tier 30 and “Wastelander” Roland at Tier 70.

Tier 100 — Get Rich, Be Seen with Legendary Operator Skin, Weapon Blueprint

In addition to earning the “Big Cheese” profile title, the seasonal Emblem, and the “Immortal Lord” Charm at Tier 100, you’ll also receive these two Legendary rewards:

Call of Duty Battle Pass

Legendary “Gold Horror” Operator Skin: Don golden armour and a gilded mask, a warlord grown immensely rich in the battle for gold.

Call of Duty Battle Pass

Legendary “Biochromatic” Assault Rifle Blueprint: Top off your Battle Pass completion with this multi-coloured Blueprint fit for dominating in close- to medium-range engagements using larger calibre rounds for more power, weight, and kick.

The Mercenaries of Fortune Battle Pass and Bundles are filled with items fit for a king. Get equipped with the best of them and get rich or die trying in Mercenaries of Fortune.

Bundle Highlights: New Pro Pack During Season Launch Window

Mercenaries of Fortune are ready to stock up the Store with the latest Weapon Blueprints, Operator Skins and more. From offerings at launch to a few special bundles coming online later this season, here’s what Operators can expect:

Tracer Pack: Violet Stealth Pro Pack

Call of Duty Battle Pass

Become the living embodiment of fear with this new Pro Pack to be launched at the beginning of the season.

In addition to the menacing Legendary “Night Terror” Operator Skin for Florence, you’ll also get the Legendary “Violet Violence” and “Dark Ambient” Weapon Blueprints pre-configured for aggressive all-range play, an Epic Watch, Rare Reticle, and more, including a hefty 2,400 COD Points, enough to pick up a second Store Bundle or Battle Pass.

Wild Alebrije / Shattered Dreams Bundles to Complement the Battle Pass

Call of Duty Battle Pass

This season, the Store will launch with two bundles containing Legendary Blueprints for new weapons available in the Battle Pass. At 1,200 COD Points each, both these bundles are great ways to kick-start your journey in using the Marco 5 and UGM-8, especially as they also contain a free Tier Skip for quicker Battle Pass progression.

First, is the Wild Alebrije Bundle, inspired by folk art from Oaxaca, a Mexican state. The Weapon Blueprint, “Artesania Moderna” is a legendary version of the new SMG that is as deadly as it is mesmerizing. Feel free to slap on the equally vibrant “Flor de Escudo” Legendary Weapon Sticker on it and the adorable “Axolotl” Epic Weapon Charm, as well as update your profile with a new Calling Card, Emblem, and Spray, as well as one Tier Skip.

Call of Duty Battle Pass

This bundle’s counterpart for the UGM-8 is the Shattered Dreams Bundle. Based on stained mosaic glass art, the “Tilework” Legendary LMG Weapon Blueprint is a masterpiece when it comes to its effectiveness in mid-range combat.

Put a pair of stained glass dog tags on your weapon with the bundle’s included “Carved Art” Legendary Weapon Charm and put the “Mosiac” Reticle on your favourite optic – these are just two of the six additional items that come with the “Tilework” Weapon Blueprint and a Tier Skip.

Until then, prepare for Mercenaries of Fortune and all the new maps, features, and modes coming with it tomorrow, June 23.